colleg 9 f1Zeda Essence is a high-tech enterprise that aims to enable the medical and health industry with data. It innovatively applies advanced information technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to the two business fields of digital supervision and intelligent pharmacy. With a series of products such as customized software, system integration and technical services, Zeda Essence serves the whole pharmaceutical industry chain such as the R&D, production, storage, circulation and sales of drugs including biological drugs, chemical drugs and traditional Chinese medicine. It has provided more than 180 solutions for more than 100 pharmaceutical enterprises, and its business is covering 22 provinces and autonomous regions, more than 100 market supervision units and more than 10000 pharmacies, boosting the high-quality development of China’s pharmaceutical industry.

Over the past 10 years, adhering to the values of «innovation, openness, coordination and integration», Zeda Essence has highly cooperated with the top technologies and high-quality resources in various fields of «production, learning and research», deeply integrated the application scenarios of the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, independently developed softwares such as production and manufacturing execution system (TcmMES), pharmaceutical process knowledge management system, circulation control system for drugs and medical devices, and AI based pharmacist on-duty management system. So far Zeda Essence has obtained 21 invention patents, 3 utility model patents and more than 230 software copyrights. It has won the honors of «Top Ten Leading Enterprises in Innovative China (Medicine)», intelligent manufacturing system solution supplier of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, best promotion award for the application of the drug safety intelligent supervision system “Black Box”, and became one of the organizations that developed the world’s first ISO international standard in the field of traditional Chinese medicine production technology.

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Company website:http://www.sino-essence.com.cn/


colleg 9 f3Liu Xuesong, doctor of medicine, doctoral supervisor. Current positions include: chief scientist of Zeda Essence (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.; executive deputy director of Institute of Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine, School of Pharmacy, Zhejiang University; vice president of the National Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance; chairman of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Automation Professional Committee; vice president of Informatization Professional Committee of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Societies; vice chairman of the National Pharmaceutical Equipment Standardization Technical Committee and Chinese registered expert of ISO joint group on health informatics (tc215 jwg1).

He has undertaken and participated in more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial projects, won more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial awards, formulated the world’s first ISO international standard for the production process of traditional Chinese medicine, and published more than 110 research papers, including more than 50 SCI / EI, and obtained more than 50 authorized invention patents and 9 utility models.

He led the team to carry out the industrial application of relevant technical achievements in more than 180 pharmaceutical digital production lines of national customer enterprises, providing technical guarantee for the orderly production and stable quality of traditional Chinese medicine, creating significant economic and social benefits for pharmaceutical enterprises in terms of improving product quality, improving production efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption, and effectively improving the digital, intelligent level and scientific and technological content of pharmaceutical production, Actively promote the level of Intelligent Manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry.

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