Yixing Aiyi Art Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Рисунок1 Yixing Aiyi Art Ceramics Co., Ltd., located in Wuxi, the land of fish and rice, known as the «Pearl of Lake Tai», with the detailed address of No. 1, East Circle Open Road, Dinshu Town, Yixing City 214221, Jiangsu Province, was registered at Wuxi Industrial and Commercial Bureau on August 5, 1988, with a registered capital of RMB 3,400,318.44. In the thirty-four years since its inception, the company has always been committed to development and growth and is willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life to seek common development, in order to continue to provide new and old customers with quality products and services. We now have 343 employees, mainly engaged in the production of ceramic art works (for projects subject to approval according to laws, business activities are carried out only after being approved by relevant departments). Продукция компании Yixing Aiii Art Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Adhering to the principle of focusing on credit, abiding by contracts, and ensuring product quality, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many companies located in Wuxi, and have gained the trust of our customers. In the future development, we will make every effort to follow the needs of our customers and continue to carry out product innovation and service improvement. Сотрудник компании Yixing Aiii Art Ceramics Co., Ltd. за работой.

The company covers an area of more than 15 acres, including 8 acres of construction land. The company consists of: Zisha Pottery Art Museum 4,500 square meters, Zisha Art Creation Center 2,000 square meters, Zisha pottery Cultural Exchange and Learning Center 2,000 square meters, Zisha pottery crafts Sales Center 1,000 square meters. The firing area introduces kiln equipment from various countries, such as electric steam kilns, electric wood kilns, electric kilns, etc. The rest are office space and green area.

Компания Yixing Aiii Art Ceramics Co., Ltd.

At present, there are more than 200 purple sand varieties created and produced by Longdetang, which have high practical value, artistic value and market value. With an annual output value of 8 million yuan, the company has made a profit through the operation of more than 20 franchised stores in Longdetang across the country. It has successively won the «Heavy contract and trustworthy» enterprise in Wuxi City, the price integrity unit in Jiangsu Province, the integrity management unit, the consumer satisfaction unit, and the co-editing unit of «China Zisha Yearbook». At the same time, online promotion promotes the «Longdetang» brand on major online platforms, such as Taobao, Jingdong, Youzan, Dongjia, WeChat public accounts, etc.


Personal Information

Zefeng FanZefeng Fan, Senior industrial artist

Educational experience: March 2005 — March 2008,Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Economy and Trade,Computer art design,Junior college; September 2008 — June 2012,Huanggang Normal College,Undergraduate degree; March 2011- July 2013,Jiangnan University,Bachelor.

Work Experience: August 1994 — December 1999, Shugu purple sand Factory, teapot technician; January 2000 — December 2004, Fan Jia Pot House,Art Director, craft Artist; From January 2005 to present, Yixing Aiyi Art Ceramics Co., Ltd,chief craftsman, senior industrial artist.

Research field: Ceramic raw materials and formulations, Ceramic molding technology and firing technology, Ceramic modeling.

HonorAwarded the honorary title of «Master of Ceramic Art of Jiangsu Province» in September 2016; In December 2017, won the title of «Jiangsu Traditional Skills Master»; In December 2017, he was a «Three-belt» celebrity for local talents in Jiangsu Province; Won the «Technical Expert of Jiangsu Province» in January 2018; Won the Top Ten Craftsmen in Jiangsu Province Light Industry in June 2018; In July 2018, he was the third level training object (young and middle-aged academic technology leaders) of the fifth «333 High-level Talent Training Project» in Jiangsu Province. The training and management period is from 2018 to 2020; In August 2018, he was honored as a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province at the end of 2018; In June 2018, it was awarded the title of «Great Power Craftsman» in light industry of Jiangsu Province; Won the honorary title of Jiangsu Artisan in January 2020; Won the honorary title of Wuxi Model Worker in April 2021.

Concurrent postSeptember 2015 to September 2018, teacher of Ceramics College of Wuxi Polytechnic; March 2019- now, Visiting Professor, Nanjing Institute of Technology; January 2020- now, Professor of Industry in Jiangsu Province (Higher vocational colleges); August 2020 — now, Zisha Tutor of Zisha Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Arts; March 2023- now,Professor, School of Architecture, Southeast University.

PatentUtility model patent: an explosion-proof purple clay pot tea maker ZL2017 2 1314072.9, sort 2; Invention patent: a method for making and burning purple sand utensils ZL2016 102691452.8 sort 1; Design patent: Yixing teapot (Chandun·Yisha) ZL 2017 3 0277811.0 Sort 1; Design patent: Yixing teapot (Chandun·Weilu) ZL 2017 3 0277821.4 Sort 1; Design patent: Yixing teapot (Huakaijianfo) ZL 2017 3 0277785.1 Sort 1; Design patent: Yixing teapot (Tianshu) ZL 2012 3 0152324.9 Sort 1; Design patent: Yixing teapot(Chanzong) ZL 2012 3 0152330.4 Sort 1; Design patent: Yixing teapot (Chanquan·Banruo·Licheng) ZL 2012 3 0152327.2 Sort 1; Design patent: Yixing teapot (Chandun·Weifa) ZL 2017 3 0277836.0 Sort 2; Design patent: Yixing teapot (Chandun·Weixin) ZL 2017 3 0277820.x sort 2; Design patent: Tianmuzhan (Huerzun) ZL 2022 3 0464574.X Sort 1; Design patent: Tianmuzhan (Miluo) ZL 2022 3 0465647.7 Sort 1; Design patent: Tianmuzhan (Yuguan) ZL 2022 3 0465876.9 Sort 1.

Company website address:http://www.aiyity.com/