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2-1Varun Water Environment Co., Ltd. is a professional comprehensive environmental protection company. The company is committed to water treatment, air treatment, soil environment remediation, relevant technology and process research and development, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental treatment engineering construction, intelligent environmental  monitoring and detection, etc. From process design to equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and operation maintenance, we provide a package of strategic solutions for domestic and foreign customers. The company signed a cooperation agreement with the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Southeast University and the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education of Shanghai University, became a strategic partnership, and established a water treatment joint research and development center and an engineering technology joint research and development center respectively. Work together to develop new technologies and processes for water and air treatment; Solve the technical difficulties in soil remediation by combining multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary technologies such as biology, chemistry and new materials.

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2-4Prof. Zheng Jiao

Professor Zheng Jiao has been engaged in basic and engineering application research in the field of environment for a long time, including frontier basic research of environmental functional materials, research and development of environmental monitoring technology, and development of environmental governance projects. He innovatively introduced radiation technology into material synthesis, achieved precise regulation of its microstructure by controlling the growth process of materials, made a series of breakthrough achievements in the research and development direction of environmental functional materials, put forward a more comprehensive nucleation and growth model of tetragonal tin dioxide films, established its nucleation, rotation, merging connection and growth mechanism, and explored controllable synthesis and nano devices of low dimensional oxide nanostructured materials, The crystallization process of metal/semiconductor thin films is also revealed. On this basis, the highly efficient gas sensing materials developed are applied to the environmental monitoring technology, greatly improving the sensitivity and selectivity of the existing monitoring technology. In addition, the highly active catalytic materials were applied to the atmospheric environment treatment project in a pioneering way, which successfully solved the problem of precise targeting and efficient treatment of complex volatile organic pollutants in multi media.