Uata Introduction

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Uata Co.,Ltd is a start-up focus on R&D and operation.  It believes in the beauty of science and technology, adheres to the customer-centered and Fendou oriented corporate culture, and continues to build an open ICT technology capability. The founding team is composed of employees of global top 500 enterprises and overseas returnees. So it’s global business layout, with partners in Europe, America and Asia.

The company’s R&D follows the idea of integrated product R &D, involving the stages from product concept, requirement, market assessment, planning to implementation, and has practiced a complete set of life cycle engineering, involving CDP, TPD, IPD and other processes. The details are as follows:


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The company’s industrial operation is guided by industrial agglomeration and industrial cluster, providing investment promotion services, park operation, think tank services, science and technology services, innovation services and prototype&trial production. We enthuse to incubate and cultivate start-ups and attract large enterprises, also providing in-depth enterprise services for gathered enterprises. The details are shown in the figure below:

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Brief introduction of Songjun Li

colleg 16-5Professor Songjun Li, a worldwide well-known material scientist, is the Dean and Distinguished Professor at the Research School of Polymeric Materials, Jiangsu University (China). He was awarded the «Marie Curie Fellow» by European Union in 2009 and the «Jiangsu Distinguished Professor» by Jiangsu Province China in 2012. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) in 2017, a Foreign Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in 2020 and a Foreign Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences in 2020. He was appointed an Editor of the renowned Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials (Springer) in 2019. He also sits on the editorial boards of 10-plus peer-reviewed journals. He has published over 150 research articles, edited 8 books in prestigious Elsevier, Wiley-VCH, Springer, etc, possesses 13 Chinese national invention patents and has been the PI for 10-plus Chinese national-level and provincial research projects. He was Chairman of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th International Congresses on Advanced Materials and the Executive Chairman of the 8th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting.

Professor Songjun Li is the leading scientist of the province-level Innovation Team in Jiangsu Province China, Executive Council Member of the International Federation of Physical and Numerical simulation of Materials Processing, Executive Council Member of the Society for Molecular Imprinting, Vice President of the Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents Federation, Council Member of the Council of New Materials at the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, Council Member of the Council of Materials Branch at the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Expert Council of the Hainan Province’s Doctors and Academician Association, Expert Council of the Hong-Kong International Robotics Association, and Expert Council of the Global Thinktank of the World Federation of Robots.

Professor Songjun Li as the chief scientist has won 4 Chinese national prizes, including the second prizes of the Golden Bridge Award (Top Award in Chinese National-Wide Technology Market), Science and Technology Award, China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award, and Science and Technology Award.