Tsino-Tek (Beijing) Technology Co., LTD.

colleg 5 f1Founded in January 2018 and headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing, Tsino-Tek mainly develops and produces ultra-high speed motor/spindle drives, with the maximum speed up to 480,000 RPM, using high precision sensor-less vector control technology to drive AC induction motors, brush-less DC motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Products are widely used in semiconductor, 3C processing, high precision processing, renewable energy and other national emerging strategic fields, mainly applied to: Wafer slicing machine, PCB drilling and splicing machine, false tooth cutting equipment, zirconia ceramic processing equipment, turbo molecular pump, high precision grinding machine, high precision carving and milling machine, high speed centrifugal blower, hydrogen fuel cell air compressor, high speed compressor and other occasions requiring the use of high speed motor system.

The core R&D team of Tsino-Tek (Beijing) Technology Co., LTD. is composed of doctors and masters from Tsinghua University, German universities and other well-known universities. The ultra-high speed motor drives developed by Tsino-Tek (Beijing) Technology Co., LTD. adopts the system platform of «5th generation motor control technology +GaN/SiC power devices», with a maximum output of 8,000Hz(corresponding to 480,000 RPM). The fifth generation motor control technology adopts SoC FPGA parallel acceleration vector control, which can improve the control accuracy, reduce the current harmonic, so that the motor/spindle does not lose speed with load, with large torque and low temperature rise, and the performance is significantly ahead of the mainstream of the fourth generation DSP control technology.

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colleg 5 f3Mr. Yongdong Li  is a professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, PH.D. supervisor, Vice-Dean of New Concept Vehicle Institute, Director of the Green Transportation Center of Tsinghua University. He is also CES Fellow, IET Fellow, IEEE IAS Beijing Chapter Chairman. Chairman of Transportation Electrification Committee of China Power Supply Society. Vice-Chairman of Electrical Automation Committee of Chinese Association of Automation, Chairman of Academic Committee. Vice-Chairman of Power Electronics Society of China Electro-technique Society. He has got the Delta Scholar Award in 2003 and the Tianshan scholar Award in 2013.

His main research fields are high performance and high power AC motor control system and its application,vector control and direct torque control theory of AC motor and its digital realization, high voltage and high power converters and their applications in energy saving, high-speed traction drives and ship propulsion…etc. He has completed 6 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 4 projects of key R & D plan and 13 projects of International cooperation program and many other projects. 11 national invention patents have been authorized, and more than 400 papers have been published, of which 52 are included by SCI and 261 by EI, 4 monographs have been published. He has won the second prize of Science and Technology Achievement Award of National Ministry of Education, First prize of Science and Technology Award of China Power Supply Society, Second prize of Science and Technology Award of China Electro-technical Society, Electrical industry — Zhengtai Science and Technology Award, and many best papers in the conference.

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