7-11 Development history

Hunan Academy of Forestry is a research institution directly under the Hunan Forestry Bureau. It was founded in 1958. In 1998, it was approved by the provincial people’s Government to be transformed Institute into an Academy. In April 2021, Hunan Forest Products Quality Testing and Inspection Center was incorporated into our Institute after being approved as first Class public institution by the Institutional Establishment Committee of Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPC..

2 Organization structuring

The institute is mainly responsible for forestry and grassland scientific research and results transformation, national key research platform construction and development, forest product quality inspection and testing. It has 4 management departments, 9 research institutes and 3 service departments, and has set up 14 innovative research teams. Set up Yueyang, Yongzhou, Xiangtan, Huaihua four branches. There are more than 20 national and provincial research and innovation platforms, such as the National Key Laboratory of Woody Oil Resources Utilization, the National Research Center of Oil Tea Engineering Technology, and China Oil Tea Science and Technology Innovation Valley. According to the decision and arrangement of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, the construction of Yuelu Mountain Laboratory Forestry Academy (Forestry) is being promoted. It has a post-doctoral research station and has the qualifications and conditions to independently recruit and train post-doctoral students. 

3 Talent structure

Currently, there are 243 employees and 11 postdoctoral fellows. There are 7 second-level profesors, 108 senior technical personnel and 87 intermediate technical personnel. There are 3 winners of the National May 1 Labor Medal, 2 National Advanced workers, 1 national «March 8 Red Flag Bearer», 1 winner of the provincial «Guangzhao Science and Technology Award», 1 winner of the Provincial Science and Technology Star Award, 1 provincial strategic consulting expert, 1 delegate of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, 21 experts enjoying the government special allowance of The State Council and 2 experts with the provincial government special allowance.


4 Achievements in innovation

In recent years, the Academy has closely focused on the major scientific and technological needs of ecological protection, ecological quality improvement and ecological benefit to the people, adhered to the development policy of «research institute, talent institute, innovation institute», vigorously implemented the «four major» strategy of forestry science and technology innovation, and comprehensively promoted the work of forestry science and technology innovation. It provides a strong scientific and technological support for the construction of a strong ecological province, the effective connection between ecological poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and the forestry modernization of Hunan. It has been awarded the titles of «National Advanced Collective for Outstanding Contribution to Ecological Construction», «National Advanced Collective for Forestry Science and Technology» and «Provincial Advanced Unit for Forestry Science and Technology».

It focuses on technical research in woody oil, timber forest, economic forest, forest ecology, forest protection, chemical industry of forest products, intelligent equipment, under forest economy, forest health and rehabilitation, environmental engineering, natural resources and protected areas and other professional fields. It has won 18 national science and technology awards and 207 ministerial and provincial science and technology awards. 115 authorized patents; A total of 281 good forest varieties were selected and cultivated. Since 2009, it has won 2 second prizes of national science and Technology Progress Award, 3 first prizes of provincial science and technology Progress Award, and 1 first prize of Liangxi Forestry Science and Technology Progress Award of National Forestry and Grass Administration. It plays an important scientific and technological supporting role in ensuring ecological security, grain and oil security, forest seed security, development of forestry characteristic industry, and construction of a large and beautiful garden in the whole region.


To practice the concept of «clear water and green mountains are gold hills and silver mountains» with scientific and technological innovation, We wrote scientific and technological papers in the mountains and serve forest farmers. Combined with the implementation of key forestry work and major projects in the province, it has promoted more than 200 scientific research achievements, created more than 20 million mu of new forest varieties and new technology demonstration forests, and innovatively led the development of «oil tea, bamboo, flowers and trees» and other 100 billion industry. It has supported the long forest prevention project of the whole province, the afforestation project of the World Bank loan project, the project of returning farmland to forest and wet land, the comprehensive treatment of Dongting Lake, the ecological restoration of abandoned mining areas, and the pilot projects of forestry carbon sink. It has built the largest natural enemy breeding center in China, and developed seven biological control products, such as Pachycardia A, covering an area of more than 30 million mu nationwide. Actively promote the «Xianglin» series of oil tea improved seed engineering application demonstration, radiation spread more than 10 provinces area of more than 3 million mu, drive the province more than 300 enterprises, more than 2000 large growers, more than 500 professional cooperatives to participate in the development of oil tea. We will vigorously carry out research and development of understory economy and technology, and promote and demonstrate the new model of understory economy of more than 200,000 mu. Over the past 12 years, it has cultivated more than 20 new varieties of woody ornamental flowers such as three-red crape myrta and camellia, driving the output value of the flower and wood industry to more than 5 billion yuan.


Focusing on promoting the demand of forestry science and technology innovation in various fields of high-quality development of forestry in Hunan Province, taking the «four major aspects» of science and technology innovation as the starting point, comprehensively improving the ability of science and technology innovation, science and technology reserve ability and science and technology service ability, creating a forestry science and technology innovation highland with strong domestic influence, and striving to build a first-class provincial forestry research institute with regional characteristics.

State Laboratory of Utilization of Woody Oil Resource

The State Key Laboratory of Woody Oil Resources Utilization (hereinafter referred to as the «Laboratory») was established by Hunan Academy of Forestry on the basis of the Provincial Key Laboratory of Oil Molecular Structure and Efficiency and the State Key Laboratory of Woody Oil Resources Utilization of Southern China. On March 23, 2020, according to the Joint writing Document of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the People’s Government of Hunan Province on the approval of the construction of the State Key Laboratory for the Utilization of Woody Oil Resources Jointly built by the Provincial and Ministry (No. [2020]68 of KFAKI), the construction and operation was officially approved. The laboratory is the only state key laboratory in China with woody oil resource utilization as its main research direction. It is also the core innovation platform of Yuelu Mountain Laboratory and the construction of China Oil Tea Science and Technology Innovation Valley.

Guided by the key scientific issues of genetic basis and woody oil resources conversion mechanism of functional lipids formed by targeted regulation of wood oil quality, the laboratory focuses on three research directions: genetic mechanism of high quality characters of wood oil, function mining and targeted transformation of wood oil, bio-refining and resource utilization of wood oil.

The laboratory plans to build a 10000 m2 innovation platform for high-level basic research and applied basic research with an investment of 160 million yuan over 5 years. The talent scale has reached 200, the utilization rate of woody oil resources has increased from 20% to more than 50%, and the service of Hunan Camellia oleifera industry has been upgraded from 50 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan. An open and sharing operation and management mechanism will be formed to attract and gather outstanding talents at home and abroad. To build a high-level innovation platform in the field of basic research of woody oil with Hunan regional characteristics, and promote the entry of Chinese woody oil industry into the high-end value chain of global oil industry.

Director of the lab , Prof. and Dr. Changzhu Li, Director of the academic committee Member ,Academician Jian-chun Jiang

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7-5Prof. Changzhu LI


Director of Science and Technology Committee and Professor, Hunan Academy of Forestry, provincial branch of Chinese Academy of Forestry;

Director, State Lab. of Utilization of  Woody Oil Resource, China

Director, Engineering National Joint Lab. of Oil Energy Plants High Efficient Conversion of China , under China Reform and Technology Committee;

Chairman, Woody Oil Plant Association of China Non-timber Society;

Vice Chairman, Biomass Innovation Union of China, under Ministry of Science and Technology, China.

It innovates and improves the theoretical and technical system that integrates the basic theory, application technology and scale demonstration of the utilization of woody oil resources in hierarchical bio-refining. It classifies the edible, industrial and aromatic oil resources, breakthroughs the key technologies of high-value utilization of woody oil resources, and analyzes the mechanism of woody oil biosynthesis and plant.