South China Brain-computer Interface Technology Co., Ltd

f-2-1The applicant founded South China Brain-computer Interface Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019 through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, with a registered capital of 50.1 million yuan. The company is committed to providing a full set of «brain computer AI+» solutions for different scenarios, including medical, elderly care, disability assistance, education, entertainment, which have broad market prospects.

South China Brain-computer Interface Technology Co., Ltd. won a seed round monetary investment of 5 million Chinese Yuan in 2019, a PreA round financing of 25 million Chinese Yuan in 2021, and a financing of 20 million Chinese Yuan in 2022. The current valuation is 200 million Chinese Yuan.

f-2-2South China Brain-computer Interface Technology Co., Ltd. now has 32 invention patents and 7 software copyrights, covering EEG signal acquisition, brain signal decoding algorithm, brain computer interaction key technology, brain computer interface application technology, etc. Based on the original brain computer interface technologies, the company has developed a series of brain computer AI products, including  brain computer AI mouse, brain computer AI smart ward, brain computer AI wheelchair, brain computer AI third-party development platform, etc. In July 2022, we launched the brain computer AI mouse crowdfunding project through the online platform. The product was launched only for 3 days, ranking first in the technology category of the crowdfunding platform, second in the whole category, and has a good response. As a high-tech enterprise, South China Brain-computer Interface Technology Co., Ltd. will further develop products related to mental health and education, such as brain computer interfaces for emotional regulation, meditation, sleep assessment and intervention, attention training, etc., and expand the market. In the next five years, it is predicted that the annual sales of South China Brain-computer Interface Technology Co., Ltd. will reach 50 million yuan, with a valuation of more than 2 billion yuan.


f-2-3Prof. Yuanqing Li 

Yuanqing Li, professor of the School of Automation Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology; executive deputy director of the Pazhou Lab,Guangzhou, China; IEEE Fellow, elevated for the contributions to Brain signal analysis and brain computer interfaces; winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, China; distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, China. He won one second prize of the National Natural Science Award, one first prize of the Ministry of Education for Natural Science, and two first prizes of Guangdong Natural Science Award. He serves as executive member of the council of the Chinese Association of Automation, the member of the council of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, and the vice chairman of the Medical Neuroengineering Branch of the Chinese Association of Biomedical Engineering. He also serves as the associate editor of several journals such as IEEE Trans. On Human Machine Systems.

Since 2000, he has been focusing on the research of independent component analysis and blind source separation, sparse coding, machine learning, EEG and fMRI signal analysis, audio-visual integration, brain computer interface and its applications. Chaired projects include National Brain Program, National Key R&D Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation Team Project, Guangdong Key R&D Program, etc., with a total expenditure of more than 150 million Chinese Yuan. So far, he has published more than 150 papers in high level journals and conferences, including IEEE Trans On Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Processes of the IEEE and other IEEE journals, Nature Biomed. Engineering, Cerebral Cortex, Human Brain Mapping, NeuroImage, Machine Learning, Journal of Neural Engineering, and NeurIPS. He has more than 50 patents granted, of which 21 patents were valued at 36.7687 million yuan. Based on these patents, South China Brain Control (Guangdong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was incubated. The company has successfully completed financing of 50 million Chinese Yuan. At present, the company is valued at 200 million Chinese Yuan.