Sino Green Agri-Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd


colleg 2 f1At the foot of the majestic Badaling Great Wall, next to the park of Beijing World Horticultural Expo, and in the Yanqing Park of Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration area, Sino Green Agri-Biotech Co., Ltd. is booming, bursting with vitality and vitality.

Sino Green Agri-Biotech Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of agricultural microbial preparations. It is also a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun and a demonstration enterprise of China’s industry university research cooperation and innovation. It is the chairman unit of the «capital biological pesticide science and technology innovation service alliance». It is the production and operation base of the national research and promotion center of yield increasing bacteria technology and the practical teaching base of scientific research institutions such as China Agricultural University.

colleg 2 f2The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation and has established close cooperative relations with China Agricultural University, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Academy of agricultural and Forestry Sciences, etc. the company has a research and development team dominated by professors, doctors and masters and advanced experimental equipment, and has established seven production lines and supporting фfacilities for microbial fermentation, post-treatment and preparation processing, with an annual output of more than 30000 tons.

The company has successively presided over and undertaken more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects such as the national Spark plan, the national torch plan and the key projects of Beijing Science and technology plan. The company has obtained more than 20 invention patents. It has also been recognized as «National Star creation world of plant microecology» by the Ministry of science and technology , as «Beijing Engineering Laboratory of agricultural microbial fermentation» by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission , as «Beijing Municipal Enterprise Science and technology research and development institution» by the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology , as «agricultural microbial preparation research and development innovation studio» by Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology and Beijing Federation of trade unions, and as «microbial fermentation district level innovation studio» by Beijing Yanqing District Federation of trade unions.

The company’s product research and development is based on the theory of «plant microecology».In 1980, Professor Chen Yanxi put forward the theory of «plant natural ecosystem», and in 1990, «plant microecology» was put forward by Professor Mei Ruhong.It provides a new way for the regulation and utilization of beneficial microorganisms in plants: controlling the ecological balance between beneficial microorganisms and pathogens in plants to control diseases.Wang Qi, Professor of China Agricultural University and chief scientist of the company, led the R & D team to dig out plant endophytic symbiotic bacteria with obvious effect of promoting growth and disease prevention, and developed a series of plant microecological agents, including microecological agents for controlling continuous cropping obstacles, microecological agents for controlling nematodes, antiviral microecological agents, organic material decomposition agents, microecological soil conditioner, microecological bio organic fertilizer, etc. The products have obtained «Beijing new technology and new product (service) Certificate» and «EU, US, Japan and China Organic input certification».

Main functions of the product:

(1) Solving continuous cropping obstacles

Plant microecological agents can supplement beneficial microorganisms, balance the microecology of crop roots and effectively solve the obstacles of continuous cropping.

(2) Disease prevention, stress resistance

The use of plant microecological agents can inhibit the growth of pathogens, improve the disease resistance of crops, and improve the ability of crops to resist drought, freezing injury and other adversity.

(3)Promote growth and increase production

Plant microecological agents can promote the absorption of nutrients by crops, promote crop growth, and  improve crop yield significantly.

(4)Reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticide

Plant microecological agents can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, improve the quality of agricultural products, by activating soil nutrients to improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and reduce pesticide residue pollution.

(5)improve the soil

Plant microecological agents improve soil properties, improve soil fertility, by promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, inhibit soil hardening and resist saline alkali acidification.

The products are sold to more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in China, as well as international markets such as South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Southeast Asia. The products have obvious application effects in the field and have won the recognition and praise of farmers, farmers and agricultural technicians.

The research and development of plant microecological agents of Sino Green Agri-Biotech Co., Ltd. has realized the close combination of «politics, science, research, production and use», and has won more than 20 awards, including «the second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award», «the first prize of China agricultural science and Technology Award», «the innovation achievement award of China Industry University Research Cooperation Award», «the second prize of independent innovation achievement of capital employees» and «the silver prize of the 10th International Conference on Plant Pathology».

Let the brush of micro ecological engineering paint every piece of land, which is the goal of all employees. Sino Green Agri-Biotech Co., Ltd. continues to focus on the micro ecological industry, adhere to making high-quality micro ecological agent products, and contribute to the development of ecological agriculture, green agriculture and organic agriculture. By adhering to the strict, rigorous and strict enterprise spirit.

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colleg 2 f3Chief scientist

Professor Qi Wang is the chief scientist of Sino Green Agri-Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Professor Wang is also one of the founders of Sino Green Agri-Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Professor Wang mainly engages in the research and product development of biological control of plant diseases, plant microecology, biological fungicides and microecological agents. He presided over and participated in 32 projects and topics, including the National Key Research and Development Program of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Modern Technology system of the agricultural industry. He assumed the office of the manager in the National Key Research and Development Program of China, called ‘Research and development of new efficient biological fungicides’. 16 national or provincial level awards for scientific-technological achievements and innovation teams were honored. As the first finisher, he achieved several awards, including the project ‘Preparation and application of Bacillus biological fungicides’, which won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2010, and 3 first prizes on the provincial level. In 2008, he was rated as ‘New Rural Serve and Construction Outstanding Individual’ by China Agricultural University. In 2009, he was selected as ‘New Century Excellent Talents’ by the Ministry of Education. In 2010, he won the title of ‘National Excellent Science and Technology Workers’. In 2015, he was chosen as ‘National Agricultural Research Outstanding Talents’ by the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2016, he won the title of ‘The Member of Chinese Society of Plant Pathology’ and ‘Outstanding member of the Chinese Communist Party in China Agricultural University’.

He leads the team researching screen, mechanism, fermentation production and agent preparation processes for the anti-disease biocontrol Bacillus, developing the agricultural biological agents through Bacillus. His team also established the largest microecological Bacillus resource bank in China, which preserved 31,789 strains, and built a rapid screening system for beneficial strains such as Bacillus, from which gained 2,123 anti-disease biocontrol strains. One of his research projects also revealed the colonization rules of biocontrol Bacillus in the plant body, surface and rhizosphere, by using green fluorescent protein labeling technique. It was also confirmed that MnSOD, flagella and chemotaxis were related to the colonization of Bacillus. The colonization was also influenced by nano titanium dioxide, inoculation conditions and temperature. Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) and microbiome analysis showed that the anti-disease biocontrol Bacillus could regulate the plant rhizosphere microbial community. His team also optimized fermentation production and agent preparation processes for the anti-disease biocontrol Bacillus. They developed 88 Bacillus biological fungicides and microecological agents. Professor Wang has authorized 47 invention patents. He published 66 SCI papers and more than 170 Chinese journals, also edited and published 18 books, as the chief editor for 9 books, including 3 conference proceedings, and deputy editor for 3 textbooks.

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