Shenzhen Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

colleg 17-1Shenzhen Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was established in August 2000 with the approval of Shenzhen Public Institution Registration Administration. It is an important base for Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) to carry out talent training, scientific research, achievement transformation, science and technology finance and high-tech industrialization in South China.

Focusing on the key demands of industrial upgrading and innovation driven in Dawan District, the Institute has established industry and technology R & D centers such as artificial intelligence, aerospace technology, hydrogen science application, photoelectric display, composite materials, advanced manufacturing, smart agriculture, marine technology, life and health, and science and Technology Finance; Shenzhen branch centers of national platforms such as Light Alloy Net Forming National Engineering Research Center (LAF-NERC), National Engineering Laboratory of information content analysis technology and National energy smart grid (Shanghai) Research & Development Center have been established; Jointly launched the Transformation Fund of scientific and technological achievements with Shenzhen Angel Master Fund to promote the deep integration of science and technology and industry, and build a complete ecological chain of «Government-Industry-University -Research capital».

Shenzhen Research Institute of SJTU strives to cultivate a globally competitive scientific research team, create key and innovative scientific and technological achievements leading industrial development.

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colleg 17-3Hezhou Liu, Executive director of Shenzhen Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Doctor of Materials Science, Distinguished Professor, Technical Specialist of vibration and noise reduction functional materials.

Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars (2013), the New Century Talent of the Ministry of Education (2006), Chief Scientist of 173 project of National Science and Technology Commission, Specialist of National Science and Technology Commission, Guideline Specialist of Key R & D projects of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Associate Editor of Polymer Testing, Editorial Board Member of Chinese Academic Journal of Functional materials.

Using the strategy of energy conversion and transmission control, focusing on the key scientific issues such as vibration, noise synergistic dissipation and directional control of material transmission path in special service environment, important breakthroughs have been made in the design of new energy dissipation mechanism, the construction of energy dissipation functional network, the preparation of energy conversion composite materials. Hosted over 15 national projects such as National major projects, National 863 project and National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc, and many provincial and ministerial projects and international cooperation projects. Published 152 SCI papers in Adv. Funct. Mater.Chem. Mater., JMCA, Small, etc., authorized 32 invention patents, and over 30 invited reports at domestic and foreign academic conferences. Won the First Prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Science and Technology Commission (2020) and the First Prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Universities of the Ministry of Education (2007).

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