Shenzhen Association for Computer

f-4Shenzhen Association for Computer (SAC) was established on January 5, 1988. It is the first batch of societies established in Shenzhen. SAC is an independent legal-person.

The goal of the organization are as follow:

  • to enhance cooperation between enterpises and universities, to promote the academic exchange, interaction among enterprises, technology popularization and other works
  • to hold academic conferences, industrial and technical forums and to train persons on various scales and levels, and to organise a commitee to award selected projects applied by enterpises and universities, to organse competitions, science popularization
  • and to organsie other activities such as annual congress attended by all directors and members, computer science and Technology Forum, cutting-edge lectures of computer science, Academic Salon and to select of excellent papers.

f-4-1In the early stage, the headquater of SAC is in the Great Wall computer company, and later was moved to the information center of Shenzhen University, with Professor Huang yunsen as the chairman. In 2012, Professor Ming Zhong of Shenzhen University served as the chairman. In 2019, Professor Zhu anming served as the chairman. Professor Ming Zhong was elected as the honorary chairman.

The members of SAC includes more than 40 collective members such as Shenzhen University, Tencent, Great Wall computer, Kingdee and ZTE, as well as individual members such as teachers and students in universities and enterprise technical backbone personnel.

Activities in recent years include:

  1. Enterprises and universities in Shenzhen are organized to participate in the annual award-winning activities. We invited academician Chen to review the projects in Shenzhen.
  2. Every year, we cooperate with the provincial society to organize students to participate in the computer works competition for students of universities in Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macao.
  3. Every year, academicians hold the South China Computer Development Forum. We invite leaders of colleges and universities across the country to participate.
  4. We organize activities to invite students from colleges and universities across the country to participate in the big data and cloud computing summer camp class every summer vacation.
  5. We also organize docking meeting among universities and enterprises for research cooperation.


f-4-2Prof. Mingzhong 

Research fields: cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence

Prof. Mingzhong is currently the Executive Dean of the Graduate School of Shenzhen University, the Deputy Director of the Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy (Shenzhen), the leader of the computer science and technology doctoral program, the distinguished professor of Pengcheng Scholars, the winner of Guangdong Dingying Science and Technology Award, the winner of Shenzhen Municipal Government Subsidy, and the second level professor of Shenzhen University.

He was the Executive Director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data System Computing Technology and the Dean of the School of Computer and Software.

Since 2012, 107 papers including h-INDEX 31 have been published, including 3 highly cited papers. Presided over 5 NSFC projects, including 1 key project.


Preside over one national key research and development project. It has won 6 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, one national teaching achievement award and 4 provincial first prizes for teaching achievements.

He has made outstanding contributions in the fields of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and some technologies have reached the world’s leading level.