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Лого (2)Shanghai Shenergy Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as «Shenergy Technology»), the support organization of Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Clean Coal Power, is a holding subsidiary of Shenergy Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as «Shenergy Co., Ltd.»).

In 2008, Wan Gang, then Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Vice Chairman of CPPCC and now Chairman of CAST and Vice Chairman of CPPCC, visited the Shanghai Waigaoqiao No. 3 Power Generation Co., Ltd. («Waigaoqiao 3» for short). After highly praising the innovative technologies developed by Waigaoqiao 3, he suggested that Shenergy Co., Ltd. establish a technology company, so as to promote the patented technologies successfully applied in Waigaoqiao 3 for energy saving and emission reduction to the power industry with market-oriented approaches. Against such a backdrop, Shenergy Co., Ltd. Incorporated Shanghai Shenergy Energy Technology Co., Ltd. («Shenergy Energy Technology»), a subsidiary composed of backbone technicians from Waigaoqiao 3. Shenergy Technology, founded on January 16, 2017 after internal restructuring of Shenergy Co., Ltd., specializes in market promotion of innovative technologies to save energy and reduce emission, and carries out business of the original Shenergy Energy Technology. We boast reserves of state-of-the-art technologies and a professional team, composed of outstanding technicians, with strong innovation strength.

Shenergy Technology is mainly engaged in technology research and development, consulting and services, related to comprehensive retrofit for energy saving and emission reduction, diagnosis of energy saving, and other energy saving and environmental protection work in coal-fired power generation industry. We provide power plant owners with customized solutions for saving of coal, electricity and fuel, comprehensive upgrading retrofit of existing units such as realizing deep peak regulation, and comprehensive optimization of energy saving and emission reduction of new-built units. Meanwhile, Shenergy Technology has been making constant efforts in research, development and innovation of thermal power’s energy saving and emission reduction low-carbon technologies, promoting the advanced concept of «low-carbon, efficient, clean, environment-friendly, highly reliable and deep load regulating» thermal power units to the whole industry.Shanghai Shenergy Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenergy Technology has served many power plants owned by different power generation groups with its innovative technics to retrofit and consultation, like the plants of Shenergy Group, China Resources Group (CR), Shenhua Group and China Huadian Corporation. With the strategic adjustment of the technology sector in Shenergy Group, Shenergy Technology takes over the main business of the original Shenergy Energy Technology—thermal power unit upgrading retrofit. In addition, we build a professional and efficient service team by attracting talents in design, engineering management and power plant operation.

Shenergy Technology possesses many patented technologies and proprietary technologies, including comprehensive prevention and management technologies for unit steam side oxidation and solid particle erosion, steam heating startup and stable combustion technology of the boiler, all-directional flexible sealing technology of rotary air pre-heaters, energy balanced desulfurization technology, a series of generalized regeneration technologies, energy-saving wide-load SCR operation technology, centralized variable-frequency power supply technology, high-temperature sub-critical technology, wide-load stable combustion technology with low oxygen and low NOx, cross-compound turbine-generator with elevated and conventional layout technology, all turbine casings elevated arrangement technology, and 20% low carbon deep peak regulation and so on. At the same time, Shenergy Technology is constantly developing new energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection technologies according to the current situation of units at home and abroad and the customers’ needs.

Shanghai Shenergy Power Technology Co., Ltd. рабочие моменты.Shenergy Technology cooperates with participants of the industry, providing technical transformation, technical consultation and other services for power generation enterprises. At present, in-depth comprehensive optimization technologies of single reheat power unit, comprehensive integrated innovation technologies including elevated and conventional arrangement of turbine-generators, and technologies of comprehensive upgrading retrofit with significant increase steam temperature and efficiency, and realizing deep peak regulation of sub-critical units («high temperature sub-critical technology») etc., has been respectively adopted in CR Caofeidian Power Plant on its new 2×1,050 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired units, Shenergy Pingshan Phase II 1,350 MW Clean & Efficient Coal-fired unit as a national energy technology major demonstration project, and Comprehensive Upgrading High-temperature Retrofit Project on CR Xuzhou 1×320 MW Sub-critical Unit.

Caofeidian 1050 MW primary reheat ultra-supercritical unit with performance test jointly completed by SEIMENS and GE has lower power supply coal consumption of 262.8g/kWh (i.e, the unit net efficiency of 46.74%) under rated working conditions, which is better than its design efficiency, and even significantly better than million-kilowatts-class conventional secondary reheat ultra-supercritical unit, and has greater advantages under low load.

For the Xuzhou 320 MW high-temperature sub-critical unit, performance tests had been completed jointly by SEIMENS and GE after retrofit. The results show that coal consumption rate under rated condition is 282g/kWh, i.e., the unit net efficiency of 43.56% which is much better than the design value, even better than the world advanced level of single reheat ultra-supercritical units. It is worth to mention that, in this project, employing our ultra-low load operation technology enables the unit to operate continuously in a safe, stable and environment friendly way under the load of 19%. This marks that the goal of realizing ultra-low load deep peak regulation in 2030 as proposed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Energy Administration has been achieved, 11 years ahead of schedule.

The designed coal consumption rate of Pingshan Phase II 1,350 MW double reheats Ultra-supercritical Unit Project with “cross-compound turbine-generator with elevated and conventional layout technology”, which is the national demonstration project, under rated working conditions is as low as 251g/kWh (UNE 48.94%). It is much better than the design value of 267g/kWh (UNE 46.0%) of conventional million-kilowatts-class secondary reheat ultra-supercritical unit, and the energy-saving advantage under low load working conditions is more significant; The unit has realized 19% deep peak regulation operation during commissioning, and realized the dry operation of boiler under such low load for the first time in the world, which significantly improves the safety and economy of the unit under deep peak regulation operation mode.

In 2020, Shenergy Technology accepted the invitation of IEACCC, and became its first group of «Knowledge Partner». To better serve different customers in the industry, Shenergy Technology, around its core technologies, has been being tireless in making innovations and breakthroughs in terms of development mode, organization structure, corporate management and project management,has formed a management model that meets its own characteristics. Shenergy Technology is now strengthening efforts in R&D of technical innovation and market promotion. Based on the energy resource endowment of abundant coal in China, Shenergy Technology spares no effort to promote clean, efficient and flexible utilization of coals, providing an indispensable support for low-carbon development of China’s energy system. We always keep in mind that our goals are «benefiting the society with technology and creating value for clients». We will unswervingly provide best development solutions aims to helping China achieve the «3060 goal» of carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

Personal Information

Weizhong FengWeizhong Feng

Weizhong Feng, the General Manager of Shanghai Shenergy Energy Technology Co., LTD. Senior engineer of professional standard, granted Special Allowance of State Department.

Prof. Feng was awarded «Labor Day Medal Winner of Shanghai», «Scientists Leader of Shanghai», «Elitist of Shanghai Key Project», «Ten Elitists of Tech. Innovation of Shanghai», «Outstanding Contribution to National Low Carbon Economy», «Top 10 figures Inspiring China Power Most», «Science and Technology Awards of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation», «Advanced Individual of First Chinese Ecological Civilization Award» and «ASME Prime Movers Award», etc.

During the planning and construction of Waigaoqiao phase III power plant, Prof. Feng made large quantities of technical improvements, optimizations and innovations, greatly improved the energy saving & environment protection performance of units and made these much better than the original design and the other advanced units. Moreover, refreshed the world record for best power plant unit efficiency for 4 years. He owns more than 80 pieces of invention patent and has published 54 pieces of academic studies. The China demonstration project, Pingshan Phase II Project, to construct an 1350 MW ultra-supercritical unit,adopting cross compound turbine generator unit & double reheat technology with elevated and conventional turbine layouts,is based on Porf. Feng’s patent technology «Type of turbo-generator unit», combined with other patent technologies from Prof. Feng, the unit net efficiency in design condition of this project is up to 49.3%, set a new record in the world.

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