Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co.,Ltd.

f-1Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. was established in the mid-1950s. “Hei Mao” brand low-voltage electrical appliance is the main product of the company.

Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. is one of the founding units and the vice president unit of Shanghai Low-voltage Electrical Industry Association, is the vice president unit of Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise Confederation, and is one of the members of China National Standardization Technical Committee of LVEA. The company has continuously obtained Shanghai High-tech Enterprises since 1997 and the main product of the company has been named as Shanghai Famous Brand Product since 1998, “Hei Mao” brand is Shanghai Famous Trademark.

Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. is headquartered in No. 10500 Song Ze Avenue, Qing Pu Industry Park, Shanghai, covers an area of about 150 acres. The company has about 30 thousand square meters constructions, including the research and development center, the lab, the production base and the storage center. The company has about 600 employees, including nearly a hundred professional developers. The company has automation, standardization and automatic quality inspection production lines, ERP system runs through whole business management of the company.

f-1-2Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. has twenty-three categories of products such as the well-known HA Series Air Circuit Breakers and HM Series Moulded-Case Circuit-Breakers. In addition, the business also involves suit, fitness equipment, property, electrical coupling, robots, stationery and sporting goods.

Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification in 1996, and obtained ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certification in 2008. In the same year, the company was identified as Shanghai Technology Giant Enterprises by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and was identified as Shanghai Patent Pilot Program Enterprise by Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration. “Hei Mao” brand low-voltage electrical appliance has excellent performance and innovative structure, the company has more than 70 inventions, utility model pates, and over a hundred CCC, CE and CB certifications. “Hei Mao” has been awarded several Shanghai and national honors. The products quality have been widely accepted and praised by domestic and foreign users.

Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. will focus on the development of the world’s most advanced low-voltage electrical products and high-tech with advanced management concepts and methods, in accordance with the laws of market economy, and in the spirit of continuous innovation, and will continue to provide customers with imaginative, attractive and practical products with professional, exquisite and personalized products. At the same time, the company has actively promoted the overall business development of the company through a series of measures such as vigorously developing complete power equipment, expanding the business field to medium and high voltage, promoting the differentiated technology strategy, accelerating product technology integration and giving play to the advantages of manufacturing equipment, and attracting capital through financing, to realize lane change and overtake in the industry, closely following the development trend of the industry, and making joint efforts in the research and application of new energy, new materials (high temperature superconductors, etc.), power engineering (power generation), transmission and distribution (new transmission technology) and energy storage.


f-1-3Prof. Chuanbing Cai

Research field High temperature superconducting materials and power applications

Applicants for personal honors and representative achievements have long been engaged in research on high temperature superconducting materials, electromagnetic properties and power engineering applications. A series of bottleneck problems have been overcome in the aspects of high temperature superconducting magnetic flux dynamics, superconducting material forming mechanism and key preparation technologies, and several achievements from 0 to 1 have been achieved. In particular, in the key technology field of the industrialization of the second generation of high temperature superconducting tape, we have obtained the component structure and manufacturing process of independent intellectual property rights, established an international first-class kilometer level tape production line through technology transfer, and achieved batch and large-scale preparation. The 240km tape was used in the world’s first 35kV kilometer level superconducting cable demonstration project, reaching China’s leading and international advanced level.

At present, we are using the superconducting technology with completely independent intellectual property rights to serve major scientific equipment such as the National Grid Superconducting Power Transmission Project, high-end medical equipment, maglev transportation, high-power motors, controlled nuclear fusion, and to cultivate talents and provide new technologies and solutions for China and other international countries to develop the emerging high-temperature superconducting strategic industries. In relevant scientific and technological cooperation between China and Russia, promote technical exchanges and cooperation in demonstration projects such as high-temperature superconducting cables and controlled nuclear fusion.