«Guohe Circular Economy Research Center of Shandong Province»

colleg 12-1Shandong Guohe Circular Economy Research Center is a provincial R&D center and established in September 2007. Guohe’s core scientific research team is composed of doctors and masters from Shandong University and other well-known universities. The center is committed to providing a full range of services to enterprises, parks and governments for many years. Rich experience has been got in the fields of circular economy and cleaner production, ecological industry, green circular low-carbon development, and key technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction.



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After years of accumulation, Guohe has drafted more than 10 national and local policies and regulations, completed more than 20 government projects and more than 40 eco-industrial creation projects, established more than 30 eco-industrial demonstration parks, formulated 8 pollutant emission standards, 1 technical specification and 1 technical requirements for environment-friendly products, completed more than 100 environmental protection, economic and industrial development plans and implementation plans, established good cooperative relations with more than 30 parks and 300 enterprises, maintained close cooperative relations with Canada, US, Italy and other countries, and obtained more than 40 technical cooperation projects. Guohe has won 3 second prizes and 1 third prize of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, and published 3 monographs.

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colleg 12-6Cui Zhaojie

Cui Zhaojie, a second-class professor from Shandong University, the top ten and outstanding scholars (experts) of low-carbon in Shandong, an excellent environmental science and technology worker. Prof. Cui served as director of Tianjin Renewable Resources Research Institute of all China supply and marketing cooperation, and serve as an expert at Expert Advisory Committee of National Development and Reform Commission Interministerial Joint Conference on Circular Economy, deputy-director of the ecological industry branch of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, standing director of industrial ecological economy and technology professional committee of China ecological economy society, etc.

Prof. Cui is engaged in research on theories, technologies, processes, models, standards and policies related to cleaner production and resource recycling. Focused on synergetic pollution control and regional environmental quality improvement, Prof. Cui has successively presided over 110 projects such as National Key R&D projects of the 13th five year plan, National 863 projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China, participated in and presided over the formulation/revision of more than 10 national, industrial and local standards, published 262 academic papers and 8 monographs, including more than 100 SCI/EI papers, won 1 first prize, 15 second prizes and 7 third prizes with provincial and ministerial-level, got 14 authorized invention patents and 13 authorized utility model patents, guided the establishment of 8 national and 10 provincial eco-industrial (demonstration) parks, 1 national «two-type» enterprise and more than 30 cleaner production and circular economy demonstration projects.

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