Institute of Land Engineering and Technology, Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Land Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 and is a subsidiary of Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group. The institute specializes in the research of organic soil reconstruction, basic research in land engineering, research and development in the field of general technology, experimental testing and analysis, transformation and promotion of scientific technological research and technical services.

The Company has been awarded B-level qualification in land surveying and Intellectual Property Management System (IPMS) certification. Also, the company has been awarded the National Advanced Team of Land and Resource Management System, Provincial May Day Labor Award, Civilized Unit of Provincial State-owned Enterprise, Advanced Primary Party Organization of Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Management Commission and other awards.

At present, the institute has 115 full-time employees, 98% of whom have master’s degree or above, 86% of whom have middle or higher professional titles, and the average age is 31 years old.

The institute has two subsidiary companies:

–       Shaanxi Land Engineering Quality Inspection Co. Ltd — has obtained B category qualification in land engineering, qualification of Shaanxi provincial inspection of Shaanxi province. The company is shortlisted by the National Soil Pollution Control Laboratory and the Third National Soil Census Laboratory.

–       Shaanxi Land Engineering Quality Transformation Center Co. Ltd. — Class B qualification in the field of land engineering. The company is a key company for the group in implementing the decisions and agreements of the provincial party committee and Qin Chuangyuan provincial government. The company is an innovation-oriented platform innovation-oriented and offers professionals a high-quality research and development base. Among other things, the company aims to achieve achievements in scientific and technological innovation in land management in accordance with the policy of “two-chain integration”.

At present, there are five research and development sites based on the company:

— Changba soil organic reconstruction experimental area,

— The basic experimental center,

— Fuping pilot base,

— Qinling Field Monitoring Center,

— Qin Chuangyuan Land Engineering Technology Innovation Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources,

— and five more field science observation and research stations.

The Key Laboratory for Monitoring and Protecting the Quality of Cultivated Land of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has been established on the basis of the Institute.

The institute also helps manage nine research platforms, including the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Innovation Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Provincial Research Center for Land Consolidation Engineering Technology, the establishment of which was supported by the group.

Since opening, the Institute has always adhered to problem-oriented scientific research with a focus on innovation, and has the country’s leading technological capabilities. The Institute’s work emphasizes the theory of organic soil reconstruction.

Since its existence, the Institute has developed a number of effective technologies, such as the key technology of soft rock and sand mixing for field reclamation, the mechanism of middle stream channel soil formation on the Loess Plateau, and the key technology of regulation and controls that enable the efficient utilization of land for urban development and construction, create significant economic and social benefits, and provide the scientific basis and important support for the technological development of the land construction industry.

To date, the institute has received 14 provincial and ministerial awards in science and technology, including 2 first prizes. The Institute has realized 4 national scientific research projects, 73 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects; 19 invention patents have been confirmed, 19 monographs have been published; 4 industrial standards have been compiled, and 9 provincial standards have been compiled and 9 provincial standards, of which 7 provincial standards have been published; Published more than 3200 articles, including more than 280 SCI/SSCI articles.

In the future, the institute plans to focus on fundamental research in the field of land management. One of the leading areas of research will be the topic of organic soil reconstruction. National strategies such as the ecological protection of the Huang He River basin, a new model of urbanization construction. such as the ecological protection of the Huang He River basin, a new model of urbanization and rural revitalization.

Efforts will be made to build an integrated and open research platform that integrates technological research and development, application of achievements, talent development, technological cooperation and exchanges, industrial incubation and other areas of work.


Personal Information

Han Jichang is currently the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group, the dean of Land Engineering College of Chang ‘an University, the academic leader and legal person of Shaanxi Dijian Land Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., LTD., and the director of the Key Laboratory of Degraded and Unused Land Improvement Engineering of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Key Laboratory of Cultivated Land Quality Monitoring and Conservation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Han Jichang enjoys the special allowance of The State Council, won the National May 1 Labor Medal (2016), «Three Qin Scholars», Shaanxi Province high-level Talent Special Support Program outstanding talent, Ministry of Natural Resources high-level science and technology leading talent and other titles.

As a pioneer in land engineering, he has long been committed to the theoretical research, technological innovation, model integration and application promotion of comprehensive remediation of degraded and unused land and high-standard farmland construction. Guided by technical problems in practice, he focuses on soil material and structure research to improve the quantity and quality of cultivated land. It has created a land engineering discipline system with the organic soil reconstruction theory as the core, developed a key technology system for the whole land improvement, and promoted and applied it. The promotion area is large and the benefits are significant, providing high-quality land security for food security and new urbanization construction.

Han Jichang has published more than 200 papers (90 SCI/EI), 24 authorized invention patents, and 16 monographs. It has won 1 prize of National Science and Technology Progress (ranked 1st) and 6 first prizes of provincial and ministerial science and technology.

In present Han Jichang responsibles for the renovation of various types of land more than 1 million mu, built high standard farmland more than 66 000 hectares, all into China’s rural land renovation monitoring and supervision system.