Pingxiang Huaxing Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

лого пинсянPingxiang Huaxing Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production and installation of all kinds of towers, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, tower interiors and fillers, storage tanks and reaction reactors in the field of chemical and coking gas, and general contracting of industrial flue gas desulfurization and denitrification environmental protection projects.

The company has a general contract in the field of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering in the field of environmental protection engineering. It also holds the D1D2 license for the production of pressure vessels.

фото пинсянThe company has excellent production technology, technological equipment, full detection facilities and a security system. It introduces high and new technologies for the development, promotion of new technological products, and also seeks to provide services in the field of industrial “three wastes” processing by enterprises of high and new technologies in ferrous metallurgy, thermal power plants, chemical industry, coking, coal gas, petrochemicals, environmental protection.

фото пинсян1The company’s products are sold in China and have entered several sectors of the international market, including iron and steel, thermal power plant, chemical, petrochemical, coking, gas, industrial «three wastes» treatment and other complete specifications of industrial products and project general contracting services for environmental management.


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Personal Information

Нинь ПиньNing Ping, professor and doctoral supervisor at Kunming University of Science and Technology, is a national renowned teacher and leading expert in science and technology in Yunnan Province.

Professor Ning Ping is one of the outstanding teachers of the National Program “Ten Thousand Talents” and enjoys the special allowance from the State Council. 

He has received many awards such as National Outstanding Scholar and Technology Worker, Yunnan Education Honored Service, Xingdian Talent Award and so on.


He is the current director of National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Metallurgical and Chemical Waste Gas Resource Utilizationфото пинсян3

Professor Ning Ping has chaired the creation of more than 40 key national research and development programs, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the 863 National Program, and other projects.

As the first author or corresponding author, he has published more than 200 SCI papers, more than 30 monographs and textbooks, ranked the first and obtained more than 70 invention patents, and chaired the development of 4 national standards for metallurgical exhaust emissions.

He was the recipient of the Ho Liang Ho Lee Foundation’s Second National Technological Invention Award, the Innovative Science and Technology Award, the first National Teaching Achievement Award, the second National Teaching Achievement Award, the first Provincial Science and Technology Award, and the Special Award for Higher Education Achievement.


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