Longquan Industrial Innovation Research Institute. Longquan Innovation Center of Zhejiang University

Лого 1Лого 2The automobile air-conditioning industry has become the fastest growing, largest and best potential Longquan industrial first pillar industry. Longquan in-depth implementation of «backed by Zhejiang University, the marriage of colleges and universities, the development of Longquan» strategy, with 94 universities and research institutes in and outside of the province to establish industry-university-research partnerships, flexible attraction of 383 talents.

The Longquan Industrial Innovation Institute is a public institution registered by the Longquan Municipal People’s Government and supported by Zhejiang University. The Longquan Municipal People’s Government gives the Institute an annual operating fund of RMB 30 million yuan.

The research institute mainly focuses on the thermal management system industry, especially the cutting-edge technological development in the fields of traditional automobiles and new energy vehicle components, while also taking into account other industries such as characteristic agriculture, biopharmaceuticals, digital economy, etc. Efforts will be made to build Longquan into a Chinese automotive air conditioning intelligent manufacturing base, a global automotive air conditioning distribution center, and a research and development highland for new energy thermal systems, making Longquan an important technological innovation highland in the 26 mountainous counties of the province and the marginal areas of Zhejiang, Fujian, and Jiangxi. Promote the development of the automotive thermal management industry in Longquan, as well as within and outside the province, as well as at home and abroad, to become a high-energy platform for technological innovation and progress, and help Longquan’s automotive thermal management industry reach 15 billion yuan, striving to reach 20 billion yuan by the end of the 14th Five Year Plan.

База в ХанчжоуLongquan Innovation Center of Zhejiang University — the Innovation Center is a scientific research institution jointly established by Zhejiang University and the People’s Government of Longquan City. The People’s Government of Longquan grants the Center an annual operating fund of RMB 20 million yuan. The Center focuses on the research and development of thermal management systems for traditional and new energy vehicles, research and standard formulation of automotive air conditioning testing technology, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, implementation of industrialization projects, foreign technical exchanges and cooperation, promotion of rural revitalization and other cooperation fields, gives full play to the disciplinary, talent, and intellectual advantages of Zhejiang University, and builds the innovation center into an integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, research and development The city school cooperation innovation platform integrating inspection and testing radiates and drives scientific and technological innovation in the southwestern region of Zhejiang, creating a Zhejiang county-level scientific and technological innovation platform and think tank for the Zhejiang Fujian Jiangxi marginal area, promoting high-quality green development in Longquan, and supporting the construction of Zhejiang University’s «Double First Class». База в ЛунцюанеThe Innovation Center has two bases in Hangzhou and Longquan, with «one office and six centers» under it, including the Comprehensive Office, Testing and Standard Technology Research Center, Automotive Thermal Management Research Center, Technology Transfer Center, Celadon Research Center, Rural Revitalization Research Center, and Talent Service Center.

Longquan automobile air-conditioning parts industry started in 1974; after more than 40 years of entrepreneurship and innovation in the development process, it has become the fastest growing Longquan industrial development, the largest and the best potential of the first pillar industry. Currently, the Longquan automobile air — conditioning parts industry cluster China’s largest and most complete variety of automobile air — conditioning parts manufacturing base. It is also the only automobile air-conditioning parts manufacturing production base awarded by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Комплексный офисWith science and technological innovation as a breakthrough, the product from the traditional automobile air conditioning to the new energy automobile thermal system. Taking the transformation of the automobile industry as an opportunity, the industry is turning from parts to system assemblies. Taking machine for man as a hand, the market has shifted from repair and after-sale to complete vehicle — supporting.

Центр по исследованию терморегулирования в автомобилях





Personal Information

Shusheng XiongShusheng Xiong, Professor

Time    University Major Degree:

1997.9 to 2000,6, Zhejiang University, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Doctoral Degree; 1994.9 to 1997.7, Tianjin University, Internal Combustion Engines, Master’s Degree.

Current position

2000.7 to present, Vehicle Engineering Research Institute, School of Energy, Zhejiang University, Deputy Director/Research Professor/Doctoral Supervisor; 2009.11 to present, Longquan City People’s Government, Assistant Mayor (flexible and temporary position); 2019.12 to present, Longquan Innovation Center of Zhejiang University, Director; 2010.12 to present, National Experimental Center for Energy and Power of Zhejiang University, Deputy Director; 2022.6 to present, Advanced Energy Science and Technology Innovation Center of Jiaxing Research Institute, Zhejiang University, Deputy Director; 2022.12 to present, Longquan Industrial Innovation Research Institute, legal representative and president; 2008.7 to 2009.6, Lishui Development Zone Management Committee, Lishui City, Director Assistant (flexible temporary position); 2006.11 to 2007.10, Science and Technology Bureau of Taizhou City, Assistant Director (flexible temporary position).

Personal honor:

2020 China Invention and Innovation Second Prize;

2019 China Industry University Research Cooperation Innovation Award, Third Prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Technology Progress Award;

2022, 2012 Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress Third Prize, 2002 Henan Province Science and Technology Progress Third Prize;

2017 Longquan City Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award;

Excellent Award in 2008 Zhejiang Provincial Teaching Competition, Second Prize in 2015 Zhejiang University High Quality Teaching, Honorary Professor of Scientific Research at Zhejiang University.

Shusheng Xiong joined Longquan City in 2009 and was responsible for the transformation, upgrading, and technological innovation of the automotive air conditioning industry. The industrial output value increased from less than 1 billion yuan to over 10 billion yuan in 2022,accounting for 40% of the city’s industrial output value.

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