Jinan Pantheum Biotechnology Co., Ltd

f-1-1Jinan Pantheum Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech enterprise in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in Shandong province, which integrates technical research, transformation of the achievements in scientific research and industrial application. At present, the technology of tissue engineering, cell storage, Biochip technology, medical instruments, diagnostic reagents, intelligent manufacturing of automation equipment, medical cosmetology, model animals and testing services has reached the leading level.


Founded in 2013, the company won the third place in the Biomedical industry Enterprise Group of the Third China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and won the honorary title of «Excellent Enterprise»;The first prize of China’s One-Thousand National Entrepreneurship Competition, the National Ministry of Science and Technology Achievement Award «12th Five-Year» Science and Technology Innovation;Has been of Jinan city Technology Bureau as «Jinan Skin Regeneration and Repair Engineering Technology Research Center», in Shandong province Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) as Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Engineering Laboratory in Shandong province «; In 2016, the company has been added for the Postdoctoral Research Station.CCTV’s «Entrepreneurial Hero» and «Approaches Sciences» programs interviewed the company twice, and was invited to participate in the National «12th Five-Year» Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Exhibition, awarded the Certificate of Honor by the National Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2019, the company was awarded the title of «Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Province» and «The most Promising Entrepreneurial Enterprise» of the Hundred Enterprises of China Overseas Students Pioneering Park. The company was successively awarded the titles of «Shandong Specialized, Fine and Special New Enterprise» and «Gazelle Enterprise in Shandong Province «.

f-1-2The company has one Provincial Outstanding Contribution Expert and two Mount Tai Scholarship Laureate. Workstation for Academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy Lu Shibi, Postdoctoral Research Sub-station, Jinan Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Workstation, and the establishment of Jinan Pantheum Overseas Chinese Post Station. It has undertaken 3 National Science and Technology Projects, 3 Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Projects, 5 Municipal Science and Technology Projects and 1 High-Tech Zone Independent Innovation Project. The three scientific research achievements respectively won the first prize of Enterprise Technological Innovation in Shandong Province, the Achievement Award of Enterprise Technological Innovation in Shandong Province, and the second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress in Jinan City, reaching the international leading level and filling the vacancy of this research direction in the nation and abroad. It has applied for more than 80 patents, and passed the Body of Knowledge(ISO) and the Quality System(ISO) certifications in 2019. The company has participated in the formulation and verification of four national criteria for medical devices.

The company has enterprise Technology Research and Development Center, with «Jinan Skin Regeneration and Repair Engineering Technology Research Center», «Jinan Skin Repair and Regeneration Engineering Research Center» and «Shandong Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Engineering Laboratory»;»Tissue Engineering Skin Regeneration and Wound Repair Clinical Medical Research Center» was jointly established Qianfoshan Attatched Hospital of Shandong University. The «Jinan Burn Wound and Chronic Wound Clinical Medical Research Center» is jointly established by Jinan Central Hospital, which provides convenient conditions for the clinical research of the company’s regeneration and repair products. Jointly build «Jinan Pharmaceutical Indusdrition Park · Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering Public Service Platform» and «Shandong Province Major New Drug Development — Biologics Research and Development Public Service Platform»; Pantheum Group around the provincial capital city, to build the group «production, research and development» center base, set up a Tissue Cell Resource Library and Tissue Engineering Material Production and Research Base with Active Cells, a total construction area of 68477 square meters, a total investment of 280 million yuan, after the completion of the annual output of 180 million yuan production scale. At the same time, the central base radiates Pingyin district, Shanghe district , Zhangqiu district and other regions, realizing the synchronization of cell storage, cell preparation, medical technology and equipment with the international advanced level, and constructing a new mode of regional collaborative development and industrial interaction.

Pantheum’s business philosophy is:the spirit of «harmony, trustworthy, innovation, pioneering».The company is constantly introducing talents, and striving to build a diverse, inclusive, high-quality team; Absorb the new technologies, committed to develop into the most valuable biological enterprise.



f-1-3Prof. Hong Liu

Research field Optoelectronic functional materials and their applications in information, energy and biosensors

Introduction: Hong Liu , a native of Jinan, Shandong Province, is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Shandong University and a winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He graduated from Shandong University in 2001 with a doctor’s degree in engineering. From 2005 to 2006, he visited Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States for research. 2002 present: Professor and doctoral supervisor of the State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Shandong University; Since 2017, he has also served as the Dean of the Institute of Frontier Cross Science of Jinan University. Director of Crystal Growth Branch of China Silicate Society, Director of Materials Professional Committee of China Optical Society, and Director of Nanomaterials and Devices Branch of China Materials Research Society. He founded BMEMat and served as chief editor, InfoMat, eScience and ACS Appl Nano. Editorial board member of international journals such as Mater.

The main research directions include: optoelectronic functional materials and their applications in information, energy and biosensors. At Chem Soc. Rev, Adv. Mater., J. Am. Chem. More than 760 SCI articles were published in academic journals such as Soc, among which 209 Q1 articles with an impact factor greater than 10 were cited more than 27000 times in total, and the H factor was 79. 30 articles were selected as high cited papers of ESI. From 2018 to 2021, he was selected as the «Global Highly Cited Scientist» by Kerui Weian for four consecutive years (Appendix 4-6 — 4-9). In 2022, it will rank 2959 among the «Top 100000 Scientists in the World» published on the website of the Global Scholars Library, demonstrating its strong international influence. 65 Chinese invention patents were granted, some research achievements were applied in relevant industries, and technology transfer and transformation of 10 million yuan for each of the two technologies were realized. He has presided over more than ten national scientific research projects, including the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the National High tech Research and Development Plan (863 Plan), the national key research and development projects, and the major and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, with research funds totaling nearly 100 million yuan. It won the first prize of China Building Materials Science and Technology Progress Award (No. 1), the first prize of Shandong Natural Science Award (No. 1), the first prize of Chongqing Natural Science Award (No. 3), the second prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award (No. 3), and the second prize of Natural Science Award of China Granular Society (No. 2).