Jiangnan University (Shaoxing) Industrial Technology Research Institute


f-3The Jiangnan University (Shaoxing) Industrial Technology Research Institute is a scientific and technological innovation carrier jointly built by Jiangnan University and Shaoxing Municipal Government in 2020. It is an independent legal entity and public institution based on the industrial development status of Shaoxing and other regions in Zhejiang Province and taking regional industrial characteristics into full consideration. Based on the technical talents and scientific research conditions of Jiangnan University, the research institute will provide scientific and technological consultation and intermediary services for Zhejiang in traditional and emerging industries such as food, biotechnology, light industry textile and human health etc., with the goal of building the research institute into a first-class research institution and technology transfer center in China.

The research institute with a total area of 1,775 square meters, and the total investment in scientific research equipment exceeds 11 million yuan, which has a general office, a scientific research and technology department, a testing and analysis department, and an enterprise service department. The microbiology laboratory, flavor laboratory, functional laboratory, instrument room, sensory evaluation room and other laboratory instruments and equipment have been established successively. All 90 sets of large or small-scale precision instruments and equipment, including gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatograph, triple quadrupole GC-MS and ion chromatograph, have been put into use and operation normally. Co-construction of «Research Center on Traditional Brewed Food and Human Health» with National University of Singapore. At the same time, the «Shaoxing Key Laboratory of Traditional Brewing Food and Human Health» was established.

f-3-1Jiangnan University, the supporting unit of the research institute, is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, the central city of the Yangtze River Delta on the bank of Taihu Lake. It is under the Ministry of Education directly, national «Project 211» key construction and first-class discipline construction university. There are 8 national scientific research platforms such as the “State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology”, the “National Engineering Research Center for Grain Fermentation and Food Bio-manufacturing” and the “National Functional Food Engineering Technology Research Center Since” etc. Since the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Jiangnan University has undertaken 927 national projects, presided over 26 national key research and development projects, and presided over 35 high-intensity projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. As the first completion unit, it has won 6 National Science and Technology Progress Awards and Technology Invention Awards. The university has won the HO LEUNG HO LEE Foundation 1 item, First Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research in Colleges and Universities 4 items, and First Prize for Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province 5 items. It has won 2 Silver Awards, 3 Excellence Awards and 11 China Patent Awards. In the 2021 International Patent Ranking officially published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, our university ranks 18th among global educational institutions and 8th among Chinese universities. It was authorized to be the first batch of 30 national intellectual property demonstration universities and the first batch of 20 pilot units for the construction of specialized national technology transfer institutions in universities. The university has initiated and established the «One Belt and One Road» University Food Education Science and Technology Alliance; established Jiangnan University (Shaoxing) Industrial Technology Research Institute, etc.

In the fourth round of national first-class discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education, the «Light Industry Technology and Engineering» and «Food Science and Engineering» of the university ranked A+. In 2022, 15 disciplines of the university were selected in «World First-class Discipline Ranking of Soft Science», and “Food Science and Engineering Disciplines” ranked first in the world for four consecutive years. In the ESI Global Impact Assessment rankings, “Agricultural Science” ranks 13th in the world. The university is an advanced collective in the national education system, a civilized unit in Jiangsu Province and a Ping’an Campus in Jiangsu Province.

The Brewing Technology and Engineering Laboratory is committed to the deep mechanism analysis, technology upgrading and low-carbon manufacturing of traditional brewing industries such as vinegar and huang jiu, focusing on the development of new technologies and methods to promote and strengthen China’s traditional brewing industry. Since the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the laboratory has taken the lead and host national key research and development plan project 1 item, participated in 3 projects, and presided over 6 “National Natural Science Foundations of China” related to brewing food, including one “Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China”. 



f-3-2Prof. Jian Mao

Research field: Related to brewing microecology and biological information, metabonomics and microbial metabolism engineering reform and brewing process engineering design of Huangjiu and Baijiu.

Prof. Jian Mao is a leading talent of the National Special Support Program for high-level Talents, a leading talent of young and middle-aged scientific and technological innovation of the Science and Technology Ministry, a chief scientist in the field of Chinese traditional brewing science and engineering of the Science and Technology Ministry, and a deputy director of the National Huangjiu Engineering and Technology Research Center.

Prof. Jian Mao also has presided 3 national 863 programs and 2 key research and development technology projects related to traditional fermentation undering the 12th and 13th Five-Year Plans  and served as the project host to preside ove the Project «Key Technology and Equipment Development of Traditional Fermented Food Manufacturing» in the 13th Five-Year Plans.

In recent years, Prof. Jian Mao has won a number of awards, including a Silver Award of China Patent and 4 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards above the first prize.

At the same time, project of Prof. Jian Mao «The creation and application of Key technologies and intelligent equipment for green brewing of Huangjiu» obtained the second prize of the National Science and Technology Invention Award in 2017, which is the only national award in the field of Huangjiu since the founding of China.

All the research achievements have been published in the form of papers and monographs, and more than 160 papers has been published. Prof. Jian Mao has applied for 120 national invention patents as the first inventor, among which 69 are authorized.

Prof. Jian Mao has edited and participated in editing 4 monographs such as “Key Technology and Engineering Application of Huangjiu Brewing” and “Chinese National Wine: Huangjiu and Baijiu”.