Introduction of Ji’an Longjing Carbon Technology Co., Ltd.

colleg 11 f1This company, founded in 2010, is a professional activated carbon manufacturer integrating scientific research, development, production, and sales. The products are chemical activated carbon, physically activated carbon, and high adsorption capacity activated carbon of Longjing Carbon, which have many applications, including but not limited to decolorization of sugar liquor, decolorization of edible fats and oils, decolorization of food and beverage, decolorization and purification of gourmet powder, refining of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical intermediates, decolorization and decontamination of chemical raw materials, air purification, water purification, solvent recovery and refining, and environmental protection.

The company has a strong technical force and an advanced international level of energy self-sufficient activated carbon clean production technology and equipment. Additionally, it is the only company worldwide to date that biomass gasification for simultaneous heating and chemical activated carbon. Biomass (rice husk) pyrolysis gasification for simultaneous rice husk carbon and combustible gas, of which combustible gas can be used as fuel instead of the traditional activated carbon production using coal as fuel. As a result, it not only addresses the issues of pollution and high sewage discharge from coal combustion in activated carbon enterprises but also tackles the problems of decreased quality for activated carbon due to the introduction of coal ash and the unstable activation temperatures. Gasification provides energy and equally produces hot water (80-90 °C) for the recovery of H3PO4 and washing activated carbon. Of note is that the resultant rice husk carbon can be used as thermal insulation materials in the iron-steel metallurgy industry. Besides, this technology also utilizes biomass extracts obtained from biomass gasification and wastewater (which contains phosphate, K, Na, Ca, Ma, Fe, and other organic fertilizer substances) after treating activated carbon to produce biomass-activated organic liquid fertilizers. In summary, this technology can achieve energy self-sufficient activated carbon clean production and energy-saving emission reduction.

This company owns fixed assets of over 50 million yuan and covers an area of 20000 m2. This company possesses above 80 employees, including ten middle and high technical personnel. That is, this company has many professors, doctors, masters, and undergraduate graduates in the activated carbon industry. As such, this company endows excellent research and development capabilities and can produce or modify various activated carbons according to requirements for customers.

Currently, this company has built two sets of domestic leading activation furnaces and post-treatment equipment suitable for different processes, producing 5000 t each of activated carbon and rice husk carbon each year, respectively. Notably, high-quality fir sawdust and bamboo sawdust are used as the starting material for production. Based on advanced production equipment, advanced technology, professional testing standard, and excellent management concept, this company strictly implements international, domestic, industrial, and enterprise norms and quality standards and is a model activated carbon manufacturer with advanced equipment, leading technology, stable quality, and excellent service in the activated carbon industry of china.

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The main entrance for the company

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Gasification for simultaneous heating and activated carbon production

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Activated carbon products


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AddressPhoenix Industrial Park, Ji’an, P. R. Jiangxi, China  Post code343100

Phone Number0796-8479868  8479358  Fax0796-8479358


colleg 11 f5Zhou Jianbin has been engaged in the teaching, research and industrialization of biomass pyrolysis (energy) and carbon materials for more than 30 years. He has published more than 100 papers, 5 monographs (including co-authored ones) and presided over a number of national, provincial and enterprise projects. He has won more than 30 national invention patents and 12 provincial and ministerial identification achievements. He is chairman of the national innovation alliance of biomass gasification, director of the engineering research center of biomass gasification in Jiangsu Province, the leader of National Forest and Grass Innovation team, Chinese forest product industrial association, director of activated carbon branch deputy director, deputy director of the China energy society members, China forestry association professional committee of the standing committee, Chinese actived carbon Member of activated Carbon Professional Committee of Armaments Society, Standing Committee of China Activated Carbon Testing Committee, etc. Successively won the national science and technology progress award (line 11), national scientific and technological progress second prize (2), Jiangsu province science and technology first prize (1), Zhejiang province science and technology first prize (2), the state bureau of forestry and grassland Liang Xi forestry science and technology first prize (1), the Chinese forestry industry innovation (1), etc. Experts have been selected as one of the six Talent Peaks in Jiangsu province, One of the Double Thousand Talents Plan in Jiangxi Province, one of the Leading Talents in Taishan Industry in Shandong Province, one of the leading Talents in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Gusu, and have received special government allowance from The State Council. In 2019, he awarded the commemorative medal of «Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China» jointly issued by the CPC Central Committee, The State Council and the Central Military Commission. He won the honorary title of «The most Beautiful Forest and Grass Science and Technology Promoter», and won the National Gold of China International College Students Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition as an advisor to graduate students.

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