Introduction of Henan Society of Agricultural Engineering

colleg 8 f1Henan Society of Agricultural Engineering (HSAE) is founded in October 2001, now, it has 789 members, including 48 executive directors and 120 directors, all of whom are science and technology workers and practitioners from scientific research institutes, science and technology enterprises and grassroots, covering advanced representatives engaged in agricultural engineering research, teaching and industrial fields. HSAE has 7 professional committees, including agricultural mechanization engineering, rural energy engineering, agricultural waste utilization engineering, agricultural logistics system engineering, agricultural information engineering, animal husbandry engineering, and agricultural soil and water engineering.The society has always been committed to the research and practice in the field of agricultural engineering, and has made important contributions to the agricultural and rural modernization and rural revitalization of China, especially Henan Province.The aim of the society is to promote the development of agricultural engineering and serve agriculture and rural areas, unite agricultural engineering workers, prosper agricultural engineering science and technology, promote achievements and talents, and make new contributions to the modernization of agriculture and rural areas in China and Henan Province.

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colleg 8 f2Prof . Quanguo Zhang is the Vice President of Henan Agricultural University, Director of Key Laboratory of New Materials and Facilities for Renewable Energy, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China. He is a foreign academician of Ukrainian National Academy of Engineering and the fellow of the International Bioprocessing Association (IBA), He is the Deputy Director of Steering Committee of Agricultural Engineering Education, Ministry of Education, China. He is the Vice-chairman of China Biogas Society, Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, and Chinese Universities Society of Engineering Thermophysics. He is a leader in the field of waste utilization in China, an important contributor to China’s biomass energy sectors, and a pioneer researcher of solar photo-fermentation bio-hydrogen production in China. He has published more than 300 academic papers and 5 books.Seventeen achievements were awarded China’s Science and Technology Progress Award. Twenty-one invention patents were granted, and won the Chinese Patent Award of Excellence. He developed and greatly promoted the clean production technology and equipment of agricultural waste multigeneration engineering in the world.

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