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Лого (5)The Institute of Advanced Coatings and Materials (IACM) is one of the fundamental development institutes of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of Taizhou University. IACM was established in 2018 based on the Key Laboratory of Metric and Cutting Tools of Zhejiang Province. The key laboratory of metric and cutting tools testing and deep processing technology research of Zhejiang Province is based on the first-class discipline of Materials Science and Engineering of Taizhou University. Currently, the key laboratory is an integral part of the IACM.Институт перспективных покрытий и материалов Тайчжоу Университета - конфернции

Main directions of IACM:

— Development of innovative technologies for producing functional coatings and materials with specified properties.

— Design and technological aspects of the synthesis of coatings and materials.

— Development of technologies for surface hardening of parts and working parts of machines.

— Energy materials.

— Polymer coatings and materials.

— Chemical engineering and technology.

— Certification of coatings and materials.

Институт перспективных покрытий и материалов Тайчжоу Университета - разработкиToday, IACM is an important base for training talents, conducting innovative scientific research related to the modernization of science and technology, and carrying out high-tech industrialization in Southeast China. IACM has modern production and research laboratories and has extensive cooperation with leading universities and enterprises in China, as well as with universities and enterprises in the BRICS countries.

IACM focuses on Taizhou City’s core requirement to build a highly profitable innovation industry. The fundamental research uses the metric and cutting tool industrial clusters in Wenling City, which is known as the «Outstanding Tool City of China», and the mold industrial clusters in Huanyang City, which is known as the «Hometown of Plastic Molds in China». The key laboratory introduced by the institute is the only provincial key laboratory in the field of metric and cutting tool technology in China, which integrates fundamental research, technology development, quality testing, talent training and vocational training. The laboratory has formed 3 areas of research in the field of testing metric and cutting tools and deep processing technology: testing metric and cutting materials and the use of new materials; technology of heat treatment and coating of metric and cutting tools; testing the design characteristics of the cutting tool, as well as the design and manufacturing technology of the cutting tool. They can provide technical support for tool and mold material testing, surface coating technology services, and tool and mold design and production.

Taizhou University attaches great importance to the development of the Institute of Advanced Coatings and Materials (IACM), focusing on the needs of 7 industrial clusters of the city of Taizhou and strategic new industries. IACM focuses on systematic research and development of platforms in such sectors as functional materials and coatings, chemical engineering, intellectual production, etc. Recently IACM has achieved significant success in the field of obtaining promising materials and wear-resistant coatings, as well as in highly profitable industrial research and development. In 2021, at the International Salon of High Technologies and Inventions in In Sevastopol (Russia), based on the technology and inventions presented at the competition, was awarded the highest awards of the salon — gold medals and a cup of the salon.Институт перспективных покрытий и материалов Тайчжоу Университета - коммуникации

Personal information

Prof. Vladimir Levchenko — Emeritus Professor of Zhejiang Province, Director of the Institute of Prospective Coatings and Materials at Taizhou University.

Professor Vladimir Levchenko is a world-renowned material scientist, who since 2009 has been included in the TOP 100 leading scientists of the world in surface engineering. He has a multifaceted experience of extensive work in the world’s leading universities (Russia, USA, Europe and Asia). Since 2017, he has been the director of the key laboratory of metric and cutting tools in Zhejiang province. And since 2018, in connection with the creation of the Institute of Advanced Coatings and Materials (IACM) of the University of Taizhou on the basis of the key laboratory of metric and cutting tools in Zhejiang province, Professor Vladimir Levchenko was elected its director. Vladimir Levchenko is a pioneer in the field of development of innovative super hard monocrystalline carbon coatings — orientants and high-temperature carbon nanocomposites for heavily loaded tribological units.

Prof. Vladimir Levchenko is member of 8 international scientific societies, he has won provincial and national awards in China. Since 2012, he has been the organizer and chairman of international symposia and conferences. He has published 5 monographs and more than 250 papers in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member of repute. Author and co-author of more than 20 international patents. He is awarded by the international 4 Grand Prix and more than 50 gold medals for achievements in a science.

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