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f-7Hunan Jinyang Graphene Research Institute is a new R&D platform jointly established by Hunan Jinyang New Carbon Materials Co., Ltd. and a team of experts from Central South University, Hunan University, Xiangtan University and other universities.

It relies on Jinyang graphene to prepare mature graphene. Technology and graphene material production line, customer platform, carry out basic research and industrialization core technology research and development of graphene and carbon-based materials in an all-round way, and promote the healthy and rapid development of China’s graphene industry.



f-7-2Prof. Xianyou Wang

Research field Electrochemical energy storage and conversion and advanced energy storage materials

Representative Work

Prof. Wang has published more than 520 publications with 480 on SCI journal, obtained 32 Chinese patents with 28 authorized.

Prof. Wang is among the first to synthesis spherical nickel hydroxide coated with Cobalt/Cobalt compound as the cathode material for Nickel-metal hydride batteries.

The designed structure has successfully industrialized and solved the conductivity issue in nickel hydroxide.

The market size has reached 72.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach 110.8 billion by 2022.

Prof. Wang is the pioneer in developing metal fluoride cathode for lithium-ion batteries in China. He is the first one to research on the chemical reactions in metal fluoride cathode and discovered FeF3·H2O as the cathode material in LIB.

This research revealed the fast ion transport through hydrogen bond network in the presence of trace water molecules and broke the limit of water free lithium cathode material. Related works were awarded “Second class prize in Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award” and “China Patent Awards Excellence Award”.

Prof. Wang published the first textbook of Lithium-Ion Batteries in China. This book is the first Chinese book to systematically introduce the working principle, rational design, preparation and characterization technology of LIBs. This book is the milestone and is priceless to the development of LIBs in China.

The global market size of LIB reached 545 GWh and 324 GWh in China by 2021. China’s power battery production accounted for 70% of the global market by the end of 2021.

Prof. Wang is the pioneer in sodium ion batteries, internationally and nationally. He obtained the first patent of sodium ion batteries in China and published the first peer-reviewed publication of sodium ion batteries in China, was the first person to lead state research project about sodium ion batteries in China. The market size of sodium ion batteries is estimated to achieve 1 billion by 2023. The demand of sodium ion batteries is expected to reach 190 GWh by 2025.

He has committed to the transformation and industrialization of science and technology in energy storage, which significant promote local economy in Hunan province and China.

Prof. Wang’s research in the electrode material in cathode and anode has led to 5 billion every year.

His research work is remarkable to the technologies in national defense and was awarded “”. Through collaboration with industries, he has successfully realized the first electrical self-driving mine locomotive in China.