Hainan Degradable Plastic Technology Innovation Center

Лого (4)The Hainan Degradable Plastics Technology Innovation Center is under the guidance of the Hainan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, led by the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and jointly built by Hainan University and Hainan Provincial Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection. It is a provincial-level technological innovation carrier for Hainan Province to carry out scientific research, talent training, academic exchanges, consulting services and achievement transformation in the field of degradable plastics. It is positioned to realize the transformation from science to technology and promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements. Хайнаньский инновационный центр по технологиям разлагаемого пластика

Overall goal

Based in Hainan, it radiates the whole country and serves the global degradable plastics industry.Research on forward-looking and leading new technologies, new products and new materials in the field of degradable plastics, develop key technologies in the degradable plastics industry, solve technical problems in the production of degradable plastics industry, establish a standard system in the production and application process of degradable plastics, cultivate a series of talents needed by the industry, and build a world-class research and development platform for degradable plastics.

Хайнаньский инновационный центр по технологиям разлагаемого пластика - рабочие будни

The main tasks

  1. Build to become the source of new technologies and new products for degradable plastics

Guided by market demand, it provides technology research and development, product development, technical consulting, and other services for industry enterprises, and builds a professional technical service platform that is conducive to promoting the technological progress and upgrading of the industry. Give full play to the functions of technology incubation, achievement transformation and industrialization, cultivate high-tech enterprises and innovative enterprises, and realize innovative development.

  1. Build to become a carrying place for the training of high-end talents in degradable plastics

Introduce and train high-tech and industrial talents in the degradable plastics industry, strengthen the interaction and exchange of personnel, and provide talent support for the continuous innovation of the industry and the industrialization of achievements.

  1. Build to become the export place of industry standards and specifications for degradable plastics

Actively participate in the formulation of industry technology and product standards to standardize industry development; establish a professional product testing platform and provide an authoritative product certification system.

  1. Build into a high-end think tank for government industrial policy planning

Undertake industrial policy research commissioned by government departments and provide constructive opinions and implementation measures for government industrial development.

Important products

  1. seawater degradable plastics. 2. industrialization of biodegradable PBAT. 3. biodegradable products. 4. utilization of Low-grade plastic. 5. recycled mulch used in road construction.

Important projects

  1. Utilization of low-grade plastic waste. With low-grade daily recycling waste plastic articles as raw material, which covering more than 75% of the recycled plastic waste,It is required that the polyolefin content of raw materials shall not be less than 85%, the total content of other sundries including inorganic substances such as stones and soil, biomass such as wood and leaves chips or metals shall not exceed 15%, and the size shall not exceed 5mm. IT is expected to develop processing equipment, research manufacturing process and waste combination formula for logistics pallets, packaging frames, outdoor material facilities, etc., to make the daily plastic waste recycling and resource utilization. Budget: 5 million yuan.
  2. Preparation of all natural surrounding degradable plastics. At present, biodegradable plastics can be degraded in the terrestrial environment, but in the Marine environment, the current main biodegradable plastics degradation is not ideal. China and Russia are both maritime powers, with long coastlines and clusters of islands that suffer from plastic pollution in the ocean. The project plans to jointly develop the all natural surrounding degradable plastics which can degrade not only in soil environment but also in Marine environment. It is expected to design the molecular structure of new polymer from the view of molecular designing, study the polymerization process, research the engineering technology, and get demonstration production; Research on polymer application will be developed new plastic products for Marine plastic pollution varieties and solve the problem of Marine plastic pollution. Budget: 5 million yuan.
  3. Manufacture of degradable plastic products. At present, it is a developing trend that degradable plastic products replace traditional plastic products. The project will research on key technologies of product manufacturing for degradable plastic products with specific market requirements, including material combination formula, equipment renovation program and processing technology for products, in order to develop specific degradable plastic products that meet the market needs of China and Russia. Budget: 3 million yuan.

Personal Information

Ji JunhuiJi Junhui

Education: Advanced engineering technology.

Work Uint: Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Position: Director of the National Engineering Research Center for Engineering and Eco-Plastics.

Education: Doctoral degree.

Patents: 70 invention patents.

Number of papers published: 215.

Awards and titles: Expert with special government allowance of The State Council, First Prize of Advanced Individual Cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Leading expert of Strategic Emerging Industries in Anhui Province, Advanced Worker of National Engineering Research Center of National Development and Reform Commission, Scientific Chinese Person of the Year. Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, Liu Yongling Science and Technology Award of Ministry of Science and Technology, First Prize of Science and Technology Contribution Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences Science and Technology Promotion Development Award, First Prize of China’s Industry-university-research Cooperation Innovation Achievements, First prize of Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award (Technological Invention Award), Science and Technology Progress Award of China Light Industry Federation Innovation Award, Golden Bridge Award of China Technology Market.

Direction of scientific activity: polymer materials.

Scope: High performance engineering plastics, ecological and environmental polymer materials.

Note: He presided over the national key technological innovation project «Research and Development and application of nano-composite PET engineering plastics», the national high-tech industrialization demonstration project «Industrialization of flame-retardant materials with an annual output of 20,000 tons», the Chinese Academy of Sciences Knowledge Innovation project «Development and application of anti-infection catheter», the national key 863 project «Research on Efficient Composite antibacterial Materials and dynamic sterilization Technology», National high-tech industrialization project «Annual output of 20000 tons of whole biodegradable new materials PBS Industrialization», National Innovation Capacity construction special national Engineering research Center reconstruction project «National Engineering Research Center reconstruction of Engineering Plastics», The National Defense Science and Technology Innovation Special Zone project of the Military Science and Technology Commission «Development of Intelligent seawater degradable materials», the key science and technology promotion project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hongguang Plan) «Industrialization of biodegradable plastics with annual output of 500,000 tons», have a total expenditure of more than 150 million RMB yuan.

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