Guangzhou GrandTech Co., Ltd.

f-2Guangzhou GrandTech Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. After being restructured into a joint stock limited company in 2012, it was later listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ, also known as the “New Third Board”) on February 18, 2014 (stock name: GRANDTECH; stock code: 430655).

GrandTech is committed to building a leading enterprise in vacuum technology and processing services in the Greater Bay Area. The major types of products the company offers are the following:

Decorative coatings for sports and leisure products, bathroom hardware, western tableware, electronic products, 3C mobile phone appearance parts, identity accessories and other fashion daily necessities;

Hard and wear-resistant coatings for CNC blades, automotive sharpening machines, die-casting molds, stamping dies, automotive parts, medical equipment and other industrial products;

Optical products for optical coating applications on non-metal (glass, plastic, carbon fiber, etc.) surfaces.

f-2-1Relying on independent innovation and industry-university-research cooperation, GrandTech is now the owner of intellectual property rights of many key technologies, with a total of 27 patents, including 14 invention patents, 12 utility model patents, and one design patent.

These patents mainly involve three aspects:

  • Coating preparation technology, including innovative ideas and methods in coating preparation, application of coating deposition technology, composition and structure design of thin film coatings, etc.
  • Coating stripping technology: electrolysis, chemical soaking, and other coating stripping techniques which are used as per the coating preparation methods;
  • Coating preparation equipment: independently developed ion sources, and arc devices, which improved the integrity and compactness of the film during the deposition process, and improved the bonding force of the coating film base and other properties.

GrandTech is an engineering technology research hub in Guangdong, an R&D organization in Guangzhou, and a “little giant” science and technology company in Guangzhou. It is also a long-term partner with key universities and research institutions across China.


f-2-2Prof. Liejun Li

Professor Liejun Li is an expert with special government allowances from the State Council, an outstanding expert in Guangzhou, and a talent with special allowances from the municipal government in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province.  In 2004, he was recognized as the first advanced metallurgical scientific and technological young workers by the Chinese Society for Metals; in 2013 and 2015, he won the honorary titles as “Person of The Year with Outstanding Contribution to Guangdong, and “Scientific Chinese of the Year”, as well as the Nanshan Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation in Guangzhou.

Professor Liejun Li is the president of Guangdong Dr. Council for the Promotion of Innovation and Development, the executive vice president of Guangdong Association of Iron & Steel Institute, Director of Metallic Material Industry Alliance of the Greater Bay Area, Director of Technical Innovation Alliance for Special Steel and Auto Parts Industry of Guangdong Province, the executive chair of Guangzhou Institution of Engineers, Director of Guangzhou Metals Association, and President of SCUT High Technology Industry Research Center of Shaoguan.

For over 30 years, professor Liejun Li has been engaged in R&D and industrialization of metallurgical materials, and have made a range of breakthroughs in relevant technologies. So far, he has won 14 science and technology awards at national and provincial levels, and has graduated 15 postdoctoral fellows and 22 masters and doctors. Li owns 30 invention patents, and published 250 research papers, which made significant contribution to the progress of the metallurgy and materials industry in China and abroad. His representative achievements are as follows:

Professor Liejun Li has planned and chaired the development of high-pressure high-steel thick-walled sea pipes, and successfully applied it to the deep-water natural gas development project in the South China Sea. The project achieved a sales revenue of CNY 2.87 billion, as well as profits and tax income of CNY 516 million, which greatly facilitates China’s initiatives to develop offshore oil and gas resources.

Professor Liejun Li was granted the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Guangdong in 2015 by dint of this achievement (ranked 1st).

He has chaired the program “Development of High-strength and High-toughness Marine Engineering and Ship Steel, achieving a sales revenue of more than CNY 2.7 billion as well as profits and tax income over CNY 300 million, which makes great contribution to the production and application of high-strength and high-toughness marine engineering and ship steel.

Professor Liejun Li was awarded the Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Guangdong in 2018 by dint of this achievement (ranked 1st).

He has made fruitful achievements in R&D of the electric furnace — refining furnace — CSP technique, which greatly has furthered the technologies and products of thin slab continuous casting and rolling.

By dint of this achievement, Li was awarded the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress of China in 2007 (ranked 5th)

According to the underlying mechanisms of precipitation and precipitation strengthening of nanocarbons, Mr. Li has probed into titanium microalloying technologies, which blazes a new trail for production of low-cost high-performance steel.

This achievement is awarded the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress in 2007 by the Ministry of Education of China (ranked 3rd).

As the President of Guangdong Special Steel and Auto Parts Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, Li has chaired programs for development of high-quality and special steel, which adds to the strength of Guangdong Province on its way to become a leading auto parts producer across China.

One of Professor Liejun Li’s patents was awarded the Most Investment Potential Award in the 2020 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau-Great Bay Area High-Value Patent Cultivation and Layout Competition.

With professional background and rich experience in engineering and scientific researc. professor Liejun Li focuses on R&D of the production and manufacturing of advanced metallurgical materials to solve scientific and technological problems concerning economic growth and people’s livelihood.

In that process, he performed lab experiments and published papers to enrich the theories on metallurgy and metallography. His research achievements, when applied to real-world production, have created substantial economic and social benefits, making glaring contribution to the advances of the metallurgy industry across the globe. In December 2017, professor Liejun Li published a book titled “Physical Metallurgy of Steel”.