Guangdong Lide Tech Co, Ltd

1-1Guangdong lide Intelligence Technology CO., Ltd is a leading company specializing in providing intelligent channel solutions. The main products are Intelligence  turnstile,  smart  parking  management  system,  and  anti-terrorism  roadblock  system. It  is  located  in  Tian’an  Science  and  Technology Park,Guangzhou.  Lide Intelligent Control chooses to start from here, let the brand go to the world.

Lide is committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with professional, efficient, and convenient intelligent entrance and exit solutions, simplifying the complexity, achieving scientific, intelligent, and data management of personnel and vehicles; improving channel management efficiency, reducing labor costs, and reducing potential safety hazard. It is a technologically leading solution provider integrating intelligence and anti-terrorism roadblocks. Based on technological innovation, the company provides overall solutions, systems and services to ensure people’s travel safety.

Lide  Intelligent Control integrates  product development,  manufacturing, sales and service.  In terms of technology  research and development and adhering to the «subversive» innovative product spirit, hardware products have the advantages of simple installation and convenient maintenance. In terms of intelligent control, through the combination of big data, Internet and other technologies, passage gates, parking lot equipment and road barrier products have more mature and executable solutions in various fields.





The self-disciplined living habit allows me to always uphold the principle of «diligence», «truth-seeking», «innovation» and «dedication» when it comes to work and life. With the introduction of the national Internet of Things development strategy, I founded Guangdong Lide Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd., with security as the core and regional prevention and control as the concept, to provide one-stop solutions, to ensure the safety of people’s passage, and to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. Realize scientific, intelligent and data-based management, reduce social costs, and eliminate potential safety hazards. In the past 3 years, Lide Intelligent Control has continuously self-corrected in the process of progress, carried out forward-looking technological innovation, and made the national security cause bigger and stronger. Its products are sold in 27 countries around the world, and more than 91 projects have been implemented, showing the world «China». Manufacturing, Made in China, Smart in China» technology level.

The Foshan Institute of Industrial Technology Transformation was established in June 2017. It is an on-campus institution with an independent legal person responsible for promoting the social application and industrialization of the scientific and technological achievements of Foshan Institute of Science and Technology. With the mission of attracting talents and promoting the listing of enterprises and other technological services, it focuses on new materials and new energy, big health, artificial intelligence and other development fields, and relies on the innovative elements and innovative resources of Foshan Institute of Science and Technology to boost the growth and incubation of innovative enterprises. Through the establishment and integration of a scientific and technological innovation industrial chain that integrates «applied research, technology development, industrial application, and business incubation», the simultaneous advancement of research, development, industrialization and incubation will be realized, and the seamless connection between scientific and technological achievements and the industry will be realized. Realize the direct connection between the school and related enterprises, accelerate the application and transformation of the school’s scientific research results, effectively cultivate and incubate innovative and high-tech enterprises, solve the technical problems faced by enterprises as soon as possible, and promote the agglomeration and development of emerging industries in Foshan City, thereby improving Foshan The market competitiveness of the enterprise, the comprehensive innovation ability of transformation and upgrading, and the tailor-made application-oriented talents according to the needs of the enterprise are of vital significance to promote the construction of Foshan Institute of Science and Technology into a high-level science and technology university.

Personal achievement:


① An all-in-one machine for security check and ticket checking based on image processing Patent number: 2019104711861
② A single-arm 3D printer frame Patent number: 201911384557.9
③ An automatic drip irrigation system Patent number: 202010088076.X

Utility model patents:

① A dismantling structure of a lifting column safety reminder light Patent number: 2021200386110
② A control cabinet for a lifting column Patent number: 2021200386125
③ A movable fixed gate platform Patent number: 2021222125870
④ A security gate with intelligent gate control Patent number: 2021227237232
⑤ An intelligent anti-theft security door Patent number: 2021226495519

Core dissertation achievements:

① Looking at employment issues from the perspective of economic development trends

② Informatisation of science and technology and innovative development of enterprises

③ Application of artificial intelligence technology for scientific and technological information services

④ Application of big data technology in smart engineering

⑤ Application of intelligent technology in library service management

⑥ Research on information service based on big data and artificial intelligence

⑦ Analysis of big data platform network security construction and operation and maintenance strategy

⑧ Analysis of the construction of college network security platform

⑨ Analysis of the role of agricultural technology extension in agricultural planting

⑩ Research on the application of biotechnology in agricultural planting