Weifang Industrial Technology Institute of Chinese Medicine

Weifang Institute of Industrial Technology of Chinese Medicine Weifang Industrial and Technological Institute of Chinese Medicine (referred to as the «Research Institute») is a joint work of the People’s Government of the Hanting District of Weifang City, Yantai University, Weifang Scientific and Technical Bureau and Weifang Health Commission. It serves as a model for Shandong Province in the development and leadership of research in the pharmaceutical engineering, medical engineering and Chinese medicine chain and is a career-oriented research institution organized by new research institutes and provincial-level governments. The purpose of the research institute is to collect innovative resources and serve the development of the industry. It fully explores the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, promotes the integration of industry, science and research, and creates a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship through government leadership and the pooling of various beneficial resources.

These efforts are aimed at creating an industrial agglomeration zone with regional and industrial characteristics, providing significant support and stimulating local economic and social development. It promotes the industrialization and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, contributing to its global expansion. Currently, the university has more than 20 industry centers and branches, where more than 100 graduate students study together, more than 200 new products are being developed, more than 20 patents have been obtained, and more than 100 companies are serviced, which makes a significant contribution to scientific and technical cooperation with countries located along the Belt and Road.



Daquan Chen,

Director of the Weifang Research Institute of Industrial Technologies of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He is the dean of the Chinese Institute of Chinese Medicine of Industrial Technology in Weifang, a second-level national professor, received a PhD from the Chinese Pharmaceutical University, completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard University and Peking University. He is the supervisor of undergraduates, doctoral students and postgraduates at Yantai University, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shandong Second Medical University, etc. He is recognized as a Taishan Scholar, Yuan Du Scholar, and a leading figure in innovation and entrepreneurship in Qing Dao. Previously, he held such positions as Deputy Mayor of the Han Ting district of the People’s Government of Weifang City, the Chinese National Center for Biotechnology Development, chief Researcher of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Shandong Province and the Chinese National Center for Biotechnology Development, and was among the top 2% of scientists worldwide.