Chongqing Stroke Association

ЛогоChongQing Stroke Association (CQSA) is an academic, non-profit, social organization with the legal personality of social groups formed voluntarily by stroke prevention and treatment workers and units in Chongqing,China. CQSA has a total of 30 branches, with a total of 2095 individual members and 28 unit members.

The goal of CQSA is to improve the professional skills of stroke doctors, accelerate the scientific research of stroke, and popularize the concept of stroke prevention and treatment.Учебные курсы, организуемые Ассоциацией

Hold academic activities at all levels: conferences, symposiums, academic review, workshops, training programs and technical advisory services, etc.

Edit and publish journals and books of neuroscience research in accordance with relevant regulations.

Provide continuing education to members of CQSA and popularize knowledge and advanced technologies to the entire society;

Carry out international academic exchanges to follow the tracks of the world’s neuroscience development, thus improving international competitiveness.

Participate actively in offering suggestions and advices for major challenges of the national technology policies and economic development.

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Personal Information

Qingwu YangQingwu Yang

Education. M.D/PH.D, Third Military Medical University

Address. Department of Neurology, Xinqiao Hospital, Chongqing, China

Educational Background and Academic Title. M.D/PH.D, Professor

Patent. 1 invention patent

Publications. More than 50 SCI papers, including JAMA, JAMA Neurology, Circulation, etc.

Honors and Awards. National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars, Leading talents in technological innovation, The National “Ten Thousand Talents Program” Award, The special government allowance, State Council of China

Research Direction. Basic and clinical study of cerebrovascular diseases

Notes. Received several projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, with a total approved funding of more than 60 million RMB.

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